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The Boyfriend Bookmark: ★★★★★


Two stories so deeply intertwined, you’ll think you know how they intersect…but you’ll be wrong…

Zack Martin

The day I met Emily Bennett my whole world changed. Sure, we were just kids, but I was old enough to know my life would never be the same. She was my best friend. My destiny. My fate. I wasn’t wrong…I just didn’t know how twisted fate could be.

Nikki Fallon

After the death of my mother, moving from my dark and dreary trailer park to sunny California, I was focused on one thing – finding a sister I’d only just learned existed. Falling in love with him wasn’t part of the plan. But he filled a void I never knew was possible to fill. He had to be my fate. My destiny. Until the day I finally found out who my sister was…and how twisted fate could be.

Stephanie: ★★★★★

There is so much I want to say about this book, but I have to be careful, if I say too much, I will giveaway something that I don’t want to. Let me first say that this is a YA book. I was a little thrown off because it wasn’t what I was used to expecting from Vi Keeland, however, I really enjoyed this book. It was a bit of an emotional ride. But it was worth it!

Zack was probably not my idea of a typical guy in a book like this, but he was genuine and that is what I loved the most about him. He had a good life, he had a good family and he fell in love with the little girl on that bike when he was so young. When everything changed between him and that little girl You really do fee an entire gamut of emotions with Zack. But he had the best heart and he was true to who he was. I fell in love with this character. He wasn’t over the top or what you expect to find in a YA book. I loved that about his character.

I adored the heck out of Nikki. She had to deal with so much growing up and after her mother dies, she finds out there is so much she didn’t know about her life. Torn between being thrown back into foster care or moving to California to live with the aunt that she didn’t know existed, Nikki has a lot of tough decisions to make, but there is one thing she finds out after her mother’s death that she is determined to find. She is such a strong character and I truly admired everything she has been through.

Together Zack and Nikki have a very special bond and it is touching and heartwarming. I just adore them together. It is what all young loves should be made of.

There is not much more I can tell you about the book because there is so much I don’t want to ruin. It is beautiful, heartbreaking and heartwarming. I expected something completely different and perhaps that is the reason I adored it so much. The writing, the story and the characters all just touched my heart and I was sad when I hit the end of the book. I wanted more of this story and I was sad to see it end.

Vi Keeland and Dylan Scott have written a fabulous book and I truly enjoyed it! Well written, well told and playing on every emotion there is. This book is amazing!



He looks up and I watch his eyes take me in. Slowly. They rake over me, dropping from my eyes to my glossed lips down to my exposed shoulders. Taking his time, he follows the neckline of my simple, yet body contouring sundress, lingering when he reaches my full breasts. I’m sufficiently covered, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t aware that the dress showed off my assets well. Tight around my chest, gathering snuggly at the waist, with a scant amount of cleavage. Just enough coverage to still leave something for him to imagine. And I watch his face change as his imagination takes off running.

His eyes drift down my legs, tanned now from the eternal California sun. Momentarily he’s lost in what he sees and doesn’t even notice I’m watching him leer. Totally worth the extra effort getting ready tonight, I couldn’t be happier at the reaction I get. Eventually, his eyes make their way back up to mine and I arch one eyebrow, letting him know he’s been caught. A normal reaction might be to look embarrassed or perhaps even flustered a little. But not Zack. Instead, he flashes me a wicked grin. “You look incredible.” He’s the one doing the leering, yet I’m the one who ends up blushing.


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vi keeland bio

Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn’t change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work. She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting smut author by night!

 Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Dylan Scott is a New York trial attorney, wife and mother of four. She believes her job as a trial attorney is a subcategory to the field of entertainment more than law.   With a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature she believed teaching English was a destined career choice until she realized her life long talent of “argument” could actually be her job.   A recent, fairly boring, midlife crisis resulted in a brief stint as a middle school English teacher which confirmed that she wasn’t ready to give up the law.   Dylan has also taught legal courses at the college level and worked with at-risk inner city youth in the roles of mentor and coach. She is co-author Vi Keeland’s biggest fan.

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New Release: Heat (Volume 2) by Kailin Gow


Purchase on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1yKRB6k

What started as attraction has turned into obsession. When Bobby and Lilly’s tryst turns into something more, fate intervenes with heavy consequences that may forever tear them apart. Lilly has made up her mind to return to the convent for peace, only to find that her life as she knew it was far darker than she had ever imagined, and that she had a strange connection to Errol King that would threaten everything.

HEAT 2 is for age 18 and up due to sexual and adult themes


Haven’t started the Heat series yet?


Purchase on Amazon: http://bit.ly/HeatAmazon

Purchase on Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/heat-1-master-chefs-heat-series

Bobby Cummings went to Paris to study at the same international culinary institute as his sister Taryn Cummings. Instead of taking it seriously as she did, he wanted to sample all the goods in Paris, especially the pretty girls there. Why not? He was 19 and the world was his oyster. He wanted to be just like Errol King, a Master Chef, who taught at the Institute and was a notorious bad boy chef.

The only thing was someone was going to walk into his life and put a wrench into his plans…someone with eyes like violets and hair like chocolate silk, and a smoldering passion that consumes him whenever they’re together.

He didn’t think she would be his type at all. He didn’t think he would be hot for Lily, his teacher at the Culinary Institute. Now what would Taryn think? What would Errol think?

Whatever they thought…there’s one thing he knew for certain, things with Lily and at the Institute had just gotten heated.

This is a 4 book serial.


Website Facebook Twitter

Kailin Gow’s life is sometimes more fascinating and stranger than fiction, which is being chronicled in a feature film based on a treatment optioned and in development for a release date of 2018. (IMDB.com – The Colorful Worlds of Kailin Gow 2018). Her true life experiences as a world traveler where she has traveled to over 25 countries, logging hundreds of thousands of miles, absorbing the cultures and collecting stories relating to places and the romance of the land, and incidents in her personal life, has inspired her to write and publish over 170 books with over 30 series.

She is noted as an indie pioneer, as one of the first to publish in 2001. Breaking stereotypes, her books has crossed traditional and indie lines, gaining recognition in schools and libraries, as well as the indie community. Her action adventure young adult fantasy series, The Frost Series, an ALA YALSA Reader’s Choice Nominated book series – had been optioned by an international film company and is currently in development as a game and a film at http://www.facebook.com/thefrostseries. Five of her fantasy/action adventure series have been optioned to be made into worldwide games.

Kailin Gow has been known in The World Journal, an international newspaper, to be a phenomenon. She was profiled on the homepage of Amazon.com as an Author Success Story who overcame personal obstacles to become a bestselling author, appeared as one of Amazon’s top authors for the Kindle Fire launch release, and is one of the earliest indie authors who have sold over a million books. She writes for Fast Company as a publishing expert, had appeared on a major network Television News as a bestselling author who writes fiction and non-fiction with a social conscious, and has made speeches and appearances across the U.S. and on top 15 national radio regarding self-esteem and issues relating to women.

Kailin Gow was an invited speaker and signing author at Book Expo America (BEA)2014.

Having experienced bullying firsthand and slander as a woman, Kailin Gow is an active advocate against bullying in the workplace and in schools. She has written Shy Girls Social Club Handbook Against Bullying and has helped launch Stories for Amanda where all proceeds go towards the Amanda Todd Foundation against bullying. She has written several books with the theme of abuse towards women and children, especially the steamy international bestselling The Protégé Series, which launched a book club initiative in battered women’s shelters and won The Indie Excellence Awards at NIEA for Erotica in 2014.

She holds a Masters Degree in Communications Management from The University of Southern California, and degrees in Drama and Social Ecology.

She resides in the American West with her husband and daughter, but had lived for a decade in Texas, and briefly in England. Besides being a full-time author, she volunteers for many organizations, is active in church helping build homes for the homeless and visit orphanages. A voracious reader, when she is not writing, she loves reading an entire series in one sitting! She spends way too much time on Facebook than she is supposed to at http://www.facebook.com/kailingowbooks, but loves meeting new people from all walks of life.

She has over 30 Series, written under Kailin Gow, and more under her middle grade, women’s fiction, and mystery pen names:

***For 16 and up***

The Frost Series – COMPLETED. Bitter Frost Series Consists of 8 full-length novels.
The Wolf Fey Series – COMPLETED. Consists of 2 full-length novels and one novella.
Fairy Rose Chronicles – age 13 and up.
The PULSE Series – Next Book – Blood Ring (PULSE #9), releasing due to readers’ demand to continue the series. Consists of 9 full-length novels and one novella.
FADE Series – COMPLETED. ALL Full-length novels.
DESIRE Series – All Full-length novels. Last Book, FRENZY – 2015.
Fire Wars Series – All Full-length novels.
Alchemists Academy – All Full-length novels.
Wordwick Games – All Full-length novels.
Wicked Woods Series – COMPLETED. Consists of 5 full-length novels.
Steampunk Scarlett – All Full-length novels.
The Phantom Diaries – All Full-length novels. Last Book, DARK VICTORY – 2015.
Stoker Sisters – All Full-length novels. Last Book, SISTER OF THE STRIGOIS – 2015.

Beyond Crystal River – 2015 NEW SERIES.

SHADES – 2015 NEW SERIES. This is a high concept psychological thriller.

***For 18 and up (New Adult/Coming of Age)***

Loving Summer – All full-length novels.
The Donovan Brothers – All full-length novels.
Saving You Saving Me (You & Me Trilogy)- COMPLETED. Consists of 3 Full-length novels.
Never Knights – COMPLETED. Consists of 3 Full-length novels.
Rock Hard Love Hard – 1st book, Rock Hard Love Hard is now Available.

Sawyer House Chronicles (Spin-off of You & Me Trilogy) – Coming in 2015
Canvas – Coming in 2015

***For 18 and up (Adult/Steamy Romance)***

The Protege – COMPLETED. 3 Full-length novels.
Master Chefs – COMPLETED. Consists of 3 Full-length novels.
The Blue Room (Spin-off of Never Knights Trilogy) – Romantic Suspense.
Barely Legal (Spin-off of The Protégé) – Romantic Suspense.
The Oyster House – Artistic Romantic Thriller set in Hong Kong and England.
– Coming in 2015.

For information on the series, new series and new book releases, contests, appearances, KG-Convergences, and more, sign up at http://www.KailinGowBooks.com.

Cover Reveal: Beautiful Outlaw by Emily Minton

After the last fourteen years of surviving as a walking, talking, living doll, Laura feels dead inside.
She has sacrificed everything for her family, marrying a man she could never love. Her husband doesn’t beat her, doesn’t berate her.
He transforms her, forcing her to live as a stand-in for his long dead wife. She stays silent as piece after piece of herself disappears, willing to do anything to protect the people she loves.
When his demands go too far, she finally tells her brother the ugly truth.
Wanting to protect her without putting the rest of their family at risk, he sends her to the one place he knows she’ll be safe. He places her into the hands of his best friend, Vice President of the Savage Outlaws MC.
Once again, she is transformed into someone new; Shay.
Bowie has spent many nights dreaming about his best friend’s little sister. The reality is so much sweeter than his dreams. He wants to be more for Shay, needs to protect her, but he’s not sure if he knows how.
Can an Outlaw show her how beautiful life should be?
About the Author

USA Today Best Selling Author, Emily Minton is a Kentucky native. She claims she bleeds blue–Wildcat Blue!
Emily loves to read, and this love of the written word led to her writing career.



Stephanie Reviews W. Ferraro’s Afraid To Fall, available now!

Afraid To Fall - W. Ferraro - eBookSmashwords

Afraid to Fall

Author: W. Ferraro

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: October 18, 2014

The Boyfriend Bookmark: ★★★★★

Afraid to fall paperback cover


Jaded and hardened by the ultimate of betrayals, Clearwater Falls Sheriff Gage Dennison is content with his simple, detached life.

With only his loyal dog at his side, Gage has successfully maintained the walls he’s built around his life and heart for eight years. From his secluded house at the end of a private road, to the solitude of a small town sheriff, he has no trouble keeping everyone just where he wants them – at a distance.

But Gage soon learns his walls are not as solid as he thought them to be.

Despite all his efforts, and against his will, Gage’s new neighbor Delaney Collins threatens to crack his once-impenetrable walls.

Unprepared for the constant verbal sparring, and growing physical attraction to Delaney, Gage is suddenly fighting an internal war he never expected. His brain and reason insist he keep his distance, but his body refuses to listen. Especially when the lure of her warm, willing body soothing his bruised and battered soul is too much to resist.

As the demons of his past are revealed, will Gage crumble under the weight of his fear? Or will he find the strength necessary to tear down his walls and hold on to the only woman that offers him a second chance at love?

Stephanie: ★★★★★

Determined to never let another inot his heart, Gage has left his heart sealed off tight. But there is something about that that sassy redhead that he helped on the side of the road. Something he immediately felt. But there is no way. He will never let another woman destroy him again.

Delaney is looking for a new start. Her heart has been broken and she is left with a son, alone, to pick up the pieces. Needing nothing more than a fresh start she moves to the small town of Clearwater Falls. But her new neighbor is helpful and good-looking. He is arrogant and kind of a douche too. But he consumes her thoughts. He consumes her mind. And when he isn’t next door, she wishes he was.

There is a connection between the two of them, but her past and his past are a little too familiar to him. He can’t let her in. But there is a force that keeps moving them close and closer together. One night, a bottle of Whiskey and all bets are off in his world.

Delaney has been patient and understanding of his need to push her away. She gets it, but she is looking forward and not behind to her past. But in order for anything to work between the two of them, he is going to have to forgive the his past and learn to live again.

But can he take that risk, or is it easier to watch her walk away?

She is his fresh start, his chance to get it right. He is her forever,  but if he keeps pushing, there is only so much she can forgive before his past kills any chance for a future between the two of them.

This book is highly charged and written with such intense passion, that itis hard to put down. I fell in love with Gage, but I learned to hate him too. He was so blinded by his past that he couldn’t see his future right in front of him. And Delaney… forgiving to a fault almost. But you can’t admire her strength and hope for a bright future. Romance wasn’t what she was expecting when she moved to this small town, but when two people are meant to be together, they will fight for what they have and make it work. Well… maybe.

This book was beautiful story of starting over again. Learning to love and trust and accept. It was a beautiful story of new beginnings, if the past stays behind them. W. Ferraro has such a talent for making beautiful people fall in love in in spite of their faults, or maybe despite them. I have loved all of her work in the past, but this one just seems to top them all. I love the town, it’s people and love that is meant to be. I love the passion and the steam, it was hard to put down. A five-plus star read. I cannot wait for a quite moment when I can revisit their story.

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Author W. Ferraro
I live in New England with my young family. I’m a stay at home mom to two very active children. For all of you who are familiar with the stress of this job, I decided to complete an item on my bucket list and write a book. I’ve always been a big reader, and I happy to say my children have fallen in love with books, this is one proud Momma.
Wendy headshot pic

Other Books By W. Ferraro

Three of Hearts cover

Three of Hearts (Hamden Series Book 1)

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Three of Spades cover

Three of Spades (Hamden Series Book 2)

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Three of Diamonds cover

Three of Diamonds (Hamden Series Book 3)

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Breaking Spades cover

Breaking Spades (Hamden Series Book 4)

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Review of The Forever Love Series by Megan Smith and Chelsea Landon

The Boyfriend Bookmark: ★★★★★

Forever Love Series

Including: Forever Dark and Forever Light

Authors: Chelsea Landon and Megan Smith

Release Date: Oct 16, 2014


From the lights of the field, to the curve in the road, one shattered breath leaves friendships forever altered.

The Forever Love Series will submerge you into two novels intertwined together where love and loss can break you down, tear you apart, and even last forever, if you’re willing to let it.

After a celebratory night for six friends on the cusp of adulthood ends tragically, they’re left learning how to carry on. Years later, through their own struggles and accomplishments, each is left suspended by fears that encase them with such an intense blinding light, and a horrific soul-stealing darkness. Can they find their way out of the intricate web of guilt and deceit? Can they grasp the light amongst the shadows of what they used to be… and manage to be who they should become?

Sometimes the only way to heal is to face the fear of forever.

Forever Dark by Chelsea Landon

In Forever Dark, a novel by Chelsea Landon, you’ll spiral through life’s twists and turns of Cash Bryant, humbled quarterback, living his dream on the brink of fame, and Madison Thomas, a girl who shares the burden of the accident and destined for failure. Two people torn apart by tragedy; fearing that letting go will sever their remaining connection.


Forever Light by Megan Smith

In Forever Light, a new novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Megan Smith, you’ll meet Landon Hayes, an all-star wide receiver who is spiraling out of control after that one fateful night, and Macy Thomas, a college sweetheart who is shy and afraid to come out of her shell since the accident. When the heart-breaking reality sets in, can they find their light or is the past too dark to find their way?

Stephanie’s review: ★★★★★

This series just completely broke me. I knew it was going to be a rough ride, but I am not sure I was prepared to fully live through it several times. What these two authors did separately and together was amazing. It was heartwarming and touching and it was completely heartbreaking. I haven’t quite recovered from it yet. Somehow these two authors took one truly tragic event and told two completely separate stories so completely entangled, it is hard to tell who wrote which story.  But together they have written one of the most beautiful series that has touched my hearts and passed through my hands in a while.

The first story, Forever Dark, begins this set of events that just gripped my heart. I was crying time and time again in this story. But with all the sadness, you just wanted the characters to see the light. Six friends, one night and events that cannot be erased. Events that would forever change each moment for them. It will test them, watch them struggle, and leave them to deal with everything in the only way they know how. This is the story of Cash and Madison. These two were everything to one another. They had their best friends, they had one another, they had it all. Then in the blink of an eye, everything has changed.

Now struggling to get through the day to day that they have given themselves, they are just trying. Cash is hanging on for their story to begin. He wants their love to be given a chance to struggle and survive when it . Madison, Just wants to forget. She was part of the reason the events of the night happened the way they did and she has never dealt with it. Instead turning to the one place she knows she can escape from it all. It is a gripping story of Cash hanging on to a love he knows can last forever and Madison holding on to an escape from it all.

This book takes a hard look at what drugs can do to someone. They may seem to help with the pain, but when they take over your life and cause so much pain for everyone involved, you just hope she finds her way out of the darkness that has consumed her. It is heartbreaking and moving, but more than that, it was a tough look at the long road back to “normal.” It was admitting that Madison had a problem, it was helping her find her way out.

My heart hurt over and over again for Madison, for Cash and for the love that was slipping by them. Is it possible for them to find their way out of this and let a new life begin? Or have they lost Madison forever?

When I hit the second book in the series, I thought I had it held together. OF course, that was false hope. There is no way you can come back from a tragedy that just shook everything up in these character’s lives. Even after the three years that they have all been struggling, there is one thing, or person, that none of them will forget.

This is Landon and Macy’s story. Though all of the characters are interwoven so tightly from their small hometown and the tragedy of that one night, they have all dealt with it so completely differently. Landon turned to Madison. He wasn’t looking for comfort, but he understood what she was going through. To feel the force of guilt is hard to face alone, but that guilt is felt from Landon stronger than any other. But instead of turning to the woman he loves, Macy, he finds himself connecting with Madison.

Macy is trying to find the strength to be everything to Landon but finds it so hard when he is looking to any thing or any one other than her. She is breaking inside but the force of guilt is all consuming and has taken over Landon’s life. He has never forgiven himself for the events of that night and he has never asked for forgiveness from those that were most affected.

As I said at the beginning of this review, this book broke me. It tore my heart to pieces over and over again. And the one that lost his life that night is also the only one that can bring them back together. But is it too late?

My heart hurt for a good portion of both of these books, but together these books were so incredibly powerful A harsh look at reality in the eyes of those effected the most. I loved this series.

Now… here was my big (minor) issue with the second book (and it is really small)… I know it happens, but I struggled each time a secondary character’s name was mentioned. It actually made me cringe a little each time Declan Collins name was brought up.   It was a hard point for me to get beyond because Declan Collins in my world is a tatted  singer in one of my favorite series, by a different author. Not a football player. It is a little thing, but because it was in one of my all time favorite books, I did find myself struggling a bit. Did it ruin the book for me? No.  There was so much more going on and such bigger issues to deal with that I didn’t factor it into my rating at all. It was just a sticking point for me. But everything else that happened, quickly made it easy to get over.  It is a small thing in the events of such tragedy and heartache, but it did catch me off guard.

Overall I absolutely love these books. This is a unique way to write a series and it worked very well for these authors. I cried a lot and I felt a lot deep down for all of these characters. It is a hard series to read because the content is powerful. But it is told in such an amazing way, that you just can’t stop reading because you have to know what happens to these characters. Five tearful and touching stars!


Excerpt from Forever Dark

She turns around and wraps her arms around my neck, her hips grinding against mine. I do the same and smile slightly when I feel her body curve around mine.

“What are you doing to me?” I whisper in her ear. She could stab me in the heart at this point and it wouldn’t hurt as much as it does to see her control me like this. I want to walk away but in reality, in my fucked up sense of reality, a world without her in it isn’t worth living.

Her eyes water and I hold her closer, I want to fucking kiss her in front of everyone. I want to fuck her against the wall in front of this room just to let them know she’s mine. My face is close enough that I smell her sweetness, the coconut of her shampoo but she smells like me too. She smells like my sweat. My scent is all over her and I like that.

“What?” she asks, her breath hitting my skin. It sends shivers through my chest.

You.” Pulling back, I watch her reaction feeling her chest heaving against mine. I can feel the beat in hers thumping wildly against mine. “What are you doing to me?”

She hesitates to answer.

I curve an eyebrow at her, she stops moving.


She gives nothing.


Excerpt from Forever Light

I roll onto my back and stare up to the sky. It’s a clear cold night with the stars shining brightly. “I didn’t treat you right, Macy, not the way I should have.” She’s quiet. “I took your love for granted. When you gave me your virginity our sophomore year I didn’t realize then what you were sharing with me.” I huff. “I should have loved you more but I didn’t take the time. I didn’t realize what was right in front of me.”

Macy crawls over and lies against my side and holds my hand.

“See,” I try to smile but it fails. “I should have done that. I feel like I’m not good enough for you.” My throat feels tight.

“Landon, you are. This is you and I love you with your flaws and all. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here.” Macy squeezes my hand. “I’m been holding on hoping that one day you’d see me again. You’d come back to me.”

“My light. You’re my light in the darkness.”

Macy’s eyes glass over. “Landon, I’m all out of tears. I’m crumbling and for once I need you. I. Need. You.”

I roll over and kiss her with no hesitation. “I’m here, baby.”

I rest my forehead on hers. “I love you, Landon.”

All the fight leaves me, I am no longer angry. I am nothing without Macy in my life and it’s taken passing through the gates of hell to get to this point. “I love you too.”

I lie back and Macy lays her head on my chest. We’re quiet for some time.

“Are we okay?” I ask.

She sighs, “We’re always okay.”

“Well, that’s a problem.”

“I’m just thankful I have you. All the other shit can be worked out.”

That night Macy and I slept out in the hammock. We never did find out if we still have it but I know we do. That night wasn’t about that. It was about us finding our way back to each other. It was about finding my forever light.


About the Authors

A stay-at-home mom, Chelsea spends her days drinking entirely too much caffeine, baking sugar-sweet treats she never eats, playing on Pinterest, and jotting down notes for her novels. A dreamer at heart, she’s been creating happily-ever-afters. She’s a lover, a writer, a dreamer, would rather type than speak, wants to remember everything, loves lots of ice in her drinks, and is slightly introverted.

Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads

USA TODAY bestselling author Megan Smith is a New Jersey native managing purchasing for an award-winning business IT and software development firm – and by night creating the memorable characters her fans have grown to adore. Smith’s The Love Series introduces readers to MacKenzie Cahill – a hopeful young woman who experiences adversity, challenges and the bittersweet triumph of true, authentic love.

Smith is a wife and mother, who makes time for her family, professional life and the creation of the Cahill’s world. Fans of The Love Series – Trying Not To Love You, Easy To Love You, Hard To Love You – are captivated by relationships, special bonds and family ties pervasive in Smith’s emotional, energized and engaging work. Smith is also the author of the 2014 releases, Let Me Love You – continuations of The Love Series, Finding Us (Finding Series) and a few top secret projects.

Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads

This book is AMAZING! Have you one-clicked the new book, Afraid to Frall, by W. Ferraro yet?

Afraid to Fall release blitz banner


Afraid To Fall - W. Ferraro - eBookSmashwords

Title: Afraid to Fall

Author: W. Ferraro

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: October 18, 2014

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Escorted by Claire Kent is on sale!

escorted sale - small

Title: Escorted

Author: Claire Kent

About Escorted:

She hired him to take her virginity…but now she wants even more.

Lori might be a popular romance writer, but she’s never been anything but a flop with sex and love in her personal life. Still a virgin at twenty-six and increasingly frustrated by her inexperience, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She hires a talented, sexy male escort to take care of her inconvenient virginity.

She assumes one time with Ander will be enough, but she never dreams how much pleasure he can make her feel. Once isn’t nearly enough. Twice isn’t enough either. Soon, she becomes one of his regular clients.

Lori knows that nothing would be as foolish as falling in love with her paid escort, but she’s never been wise with her heart. And, despite his professionalism, he doesn’t seem entirely immune either.





About Claire Kent:

Claire has been writing romance novels since she was twelve years old. She has a PhD in British literature and, when she’s not writing, she teaches English at the university level.

She also writes romance novels under the penname Noelle Adams.

Website | Goodreads