Remembering Why I Became A Blogger

Somewhere between a busy work week and a chaotic personal life, I managed to fall out of love with my blog. Yes, I fell out of love with it. There has been so much going on in my life that sitting down each night to post about books just didn’t seem that important. Sure, I love helping authors and I want to see them succeed more than anything. I don’t even really like accepting ARCs of books, I would rather buy them. But I don’t turn them down either because it could be someone’s first book and they want to know if it will do well.

A few things happened this month and I found myself missing the book scene tremendously, remembering how much I want to help the authors and how much I love to read and love to talk about what I read. I wanted to take a minute, or many, to tell you a few things that put my book world into perspective for me again and why I am sitting here writing now and then getting ready to write reviews to begin posting tomorrow, because I am so very thankful for each one of these authors for helping me remember what I loved about this world. So I wanted to take a bit of time and tell you about a few of the authors who made my blog what it was and what it will be again…

Melissa Collins published book number 12 on Tuesday. Twelve books! Which is phenomenal (by the way, my review for book number 12 will go up tomorrow morning)! Here’s the thing that really hit me when I found out it was book number 12 for her: I have been a loyal supporter of her work since the very first book. Twelve books, I have read, devoured and embraced. I was on her first blog tour for her first book! I have watched her work grow and change through those books and I loved every minute of it! Every single word, every tear I cried, every warm fuzzy deep inside, they were all because of her writing!

Today after work, I opened up my Time Hop and saw a memory from three years ago that instantly brought tears to my eyes. Three years ago, I read my most favorite ugly cry book for the first time. That book still holds top spot in my heart for favorite ugly cry. Not many people knew the author, not many people knew the talent… Not many people felt exactly what I was feeling as I was reading that book. But that one book, Every Rose, by Lynetta Halat, became so much more to me than just another book. It built a bond between reader and author. It began a friendship that I treasure so much even now. It moved me to my soul not only because I took a chance on a new author, but because she took a chance on me.

There is a “new” author releasing a book in the near future. Her “name” is Amanda Wylde. There is a reason “new” and “name” are in quotes. This is a pen name. This is a successful author that has written several books, but she is taking a chance on writing outside of her norm, so she chose a pen name to write under. She sent me an email, because I have read books by her in the past under her real name and wanted to know if I would like to read her upcoming release. Well, who am I to say no? A book is a book and I am all for that. I read the book, I fell in love with the book, I emailed Amanda Wylde… I do not know who she is in real life, but this book is going to be a hit! I already know it. But she took a chance on me reading her book as a “new” author…

There is my BFF author. Not a day goes by that her name is not mentioned in my life. I have been fan-girling on her since her first book and we have been friends ever since. Posters of her books hang in my office, my husband calls her his second wife. I have even enjoyed a concert with her from half a continent away! She is the one that no matter what happens she just gets me. What is sad about this author and blogger… we have never met. So when vacation plans were made this year, two of our vacations include this amazing lady! Ahren Sanders, your books and your friendship will forever be in my heart no matter how many books follow… all because a blogger and author started chatting.

There is my Jedi Master author. This is the one author that pushes me out of my comfort zone with each book he writes. I didn’t hop on the Travis Luedke bandwagon until his third book, but it was in those first three books that I had to step out of my comfort zone and try to read paranormal vampire by the third one, it really didn’t matter what Travis wrote, I was going to read it. And I have, every single book and I devour them each with the same passion that I did the first three. He pushes my reading limits and invites me to explore strange new worlds and creates a world of myth, legend and vampires with a bit of steam on the side. Travis Luedke’s books were the unexpected surprise in my reading that I couldn’t get enough of, still can’t.

The haunting author. You know the one who you read a book from a year ago and it was a cliffy and you know you want to read the rest but you can’t remember the name of the book or who the author is, but that story line will haunt you until you have read them all? Seriously, you know that book that you remember the littlest details but you just can’t remember the name of it? And it is literally maddening and frustrating because you are so anxious to read the rest of the books in the series…So Pepper Winters wins in this category for me. I read the first book in the Indebted Series when it was released. But months later, I couldn’t remember what it was called or who it was by, because I had already read 50 other books in that time frame, but the storyline and plot were there in my brain all the time. By the time I finally figured out which book it was that haunted me, I was able to read the entire series, except the last one, which you know I put on my calendar so I would read it as soon as it was available.

That is just six of the hundreds of reason why being a blogger matters and what called me in from the darkness. These are my people! These are my authors… these are why I loved being a blogger to begin with and they are the people that will return me to what I once loved.

All of the authors and books still to be discovered… there is no better time to find my way back into this world then remembering why I started this and those who made it possible.

I am thankful for all of you.

Purchase Links

On Higher Ground by Melissa Collins (Her 12th Published Book)

Every Rose by Lynetta Halat (My most favorite Ugly Cry)

Author Amanda Wylde’s Amazon Page (New Author you don’t want to miss)

The Surrender Series by Ahren Sanders (The Series that started a friendship)

Blood Slave by Travis Luedke (His third book, but my favorite)

The Indebted Series (Books 1-3) & The Indebted Series (Books 4-7) by Pepper Winters (dark, twisty and haunting)



3 responses to “Remembering Why I Became A Blogger

  1. Our blog is coming up on 3 years in a couple of weeks. I completely feel you with the times when you have to get reviews etc posted, but it feels like such a chore after working all day.

    I took 2 months off while I travelled overseas, and when I got back I felt renewed, refreshed, ready to get back into it. I stepped back from tours and ARC reviews a lot compared to what I used to do (though these past 2 months with so many amazing releases I have been extremely busy with them)

    I am lucky that I have a co-blogger, someone I have known more than half my life but have never met, she picks up so much of the slack for me.

    Everything in your post spoke to me, and you should know that you are not the only only who falls out of love with their blog at some time

    • Thank you!!! I really wanted to find the motivation to get back into it the way I used to, the only way I could find that was to remember the reasons why I started in the first place. I feel more balanced now and I know that this is something I can find the passion in again. And authors have always been the inspiration, sometimes you just have to remember that in order to move forward!

  2. I have been involved with my blog for 2+ years now, and this sums things up so perfectly. There are days that I just want to do anything else but ‘book stuff,’ days that I can’t remember the last time I read a book just because I wanted to. But the, the email from a fellow book fan, a message from an author that I’ve supported, reading a new book by an author that I adore, those are the days that remind me of why I blog. Thank you so much for this; it is right on the mark, and comes at a great time.

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