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What do you do when your whole life is played out as atonement for someone else’s mistakes?

Lola has spent her life in the shadow of her older brother, until one day he does the unforgiveable and is disowned from the family. Now her parents are putting pressure on her to get married, have children, and live the perfect life. If she can do all this, maybe it will wash away the guilt they harbor for her brother’s mistakes. She’s completely set against it, and refuses to ever fall in love. Until Drake Thomas knocks on her door.

What do you do when the one person you trust the least is yourself?

Ever since Drake was a boy he’s been alone. That was the way he wanted it. His father was abusive and he learned at a very young age that he has the same anger living inside of him. Terrified that he’ll one day become the man who ruined his life, he stays away from relationships of any kind.

Will they be able to move past their misconceptions about themselves and each other, or will they learn that not only can they love, but together they are stronger? Only the Universe knows.


This book made me smile because of the power of love. You really have to put aside all of the crap and just love and more importantly, be loved.

Drake is one amazingly hot and hard working cowboy. But Drake’s past will always b there to prevent him from having a normal relationship. He knows that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and because of that he knows he can never be in a relationship because he and his father share the same blood.

Lola hasn’t had it easy either, though based on outward appearances, you would think she had it all. But she wasn’t just handed anything. She worked extremely hard for her part of things. She has one thing that Drake never had, she has the ability to love. But would that be enough?

I really enjoyed this book not just for the story itself, but i got lost in the location of it.  I wanted to hop on another horse and just go for a long ride. Sometimes I think that would be the way to go. But this small town girl has always wanted more (or less) than the big city has to offer.

The characters in this book just made me smile. Lola and Drake have this awesome banter and the way the act to each other is fun and playful. I think it would be impossible not to fall in love with either of them! They were awesome! And when they were having their friends with benefits romance, they were hot as heck.

This book just continuously made me smile and the big ah-ha moment of the book seriously makes you wonder if the world is right.  This book just had me from go and I was a bit sad when I hit the end… it was over… but I wanted more. Great story.


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81690c912qL._SL1500_Sapphire Universe (The Universe Series #1)

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319549_209551592514067_1315046232_nABOUT DEVON HERRERA

I am a wife of a U.S Army Soldier and mother of a beautiful little girl. I work for the Wyoming Department of Revenue in Cheyenne Wyoming, and no we don’t still ride horses out here. I’ve been in love with reading since I first discovered the Harry Potter series in 4th grade. I don’t just read a good book I devour it. After reading hundreds of novels I finally bit the bullet and sat down to write one of my own. I had an idea in my head and as soon as I started writing, the story seemed to play out right infront of me. Nothing has ever felt so natural. About 10 chapters into it I decided that I was going to take the plunge and get it self published as an Ebook. “Sapphire Universe” is a Contemporary Romance novel for adults, because lets face it, I’m female. Romance is what I like to read so it’s what I’m going to write. Thank you so much for your support, and I can’t wait for you to read The Universe Series.

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