Between The SHeets Featuring A Jodi Ellen Malpas Exclusive Scene!


This Man Confessed

THIS MAN CONFESSED by Jodi Ellen Malpas (January 21, 2014; Forever Trade Paperback; $15.00)

Ava and Jesse are getting married. The Manor is filled with guests as the couple weds in the very place where their passionate love affair began. While Ava understands she’ll never tame Jesse–and wouldn’t want to–she believes his troubles are now behind him. But on what should be the happiest day of her life, Ava is faced with new problems. Her brother, Dan, disapproves of her marriage and is determined to make her see that Jesse isn’t the man she thinks he is. Could there be truth to his words? Is Jesse hiding another dark secret? Ava loves Jesse deeply, but has she bound herself to a man who cherishes her and will take her to the edge of ecstasy–or to the brink of despair?

An original scene by Jodi Ellen Malpas

 Jodi Ellen Malpas created this unique scene, there were a couple of requirements! For this scene, she had to include the following things:

  • At some point thee must be 3 people in the scene

  • Lace

  • An ice cube

  • A Feather

Here is the scene we received from Jodi Ellen Malpas:


Kate grins at me, excitement shimmering in her bright blues. ‘Can we have a good drink? You know, a proper good drink. It’s been ages.’

I laugh and faff with her beacon of red hair that’s swept to the side and secured with a lovely peacock feather hairclip. She means Jesse’s getting in the way of our girlie time, but come to think of it, Sam is, too. ‘We’re out, like proper out.’ I confirm happily, but then frown when the feather detaches from the hairclip, leaving an unsightly lump of black plastic holding Kate’s curls. ‘Oh shit, I’ve broken it.’

She pulls back and eyes the feather that’s held between my fingers. ‘Cheap crap,’ The offending clip is hastily removed from her hair before she flips her head and shakes her curls out, returning to standing like she’s just sashayed out of a salon. ‘Come on, get ready.’ Her eyes run the length of my semi-naked form before casting to my empty highball, which now only has a couple of ice cubes melting at the bottom. She looks at it with disgust. ‘I’ll pop to the shop and get wine.’ I watch her run down the stairs from my bedroom doorway. ‘Oh!’ she yelps. ‘Fucking hell, Jesse! Hey, she’s out with me tonight.’ Kate warns, making me smile and Jesse grunt.

The front door slams and he appears at the top of the stairs in his running gear, his eyes landing on my static form with a bang. That bang also lands between my legs at the sight of him before me, all brooding and delicious. He pulls his t-shirt over his head, and my breath catches in my throat at the sight of that chest, the bang now escalating into an unforgiving, constant hard thrum. I start to fidget.

Green eyes take in the glass in one of my hands and the feather from Kate’s broken hairclip in the other. ‘You owe me an apology.’ His voice is dark, his eyes matching as he stalks toward me, reaching my buzzing body in three easy strides.

An apology for arranging to go out with Kate? He’s in a trampling mood. I look down at my semi-naked body, only my lace underwear in place, then back to those green, hungry eyes. ‘But I’ve just done my makeup and hair.’ I whisper with no conviction in my tone.

His eyebrow cocks in thought, and then he plunges two fingers into my glass and scoops out the ice cubes. I gulp, and he smiles. ‘Jesse,’ I breathe, still failing to locate any assertiveness.

‘Hmmm,’ he hums, then slips the cubes between the cups of my bra and my skin. I gasp, my back straightening as the ice meets my nipples. ‘Cold?’ He looks victorious, the bastard.

My feisty streak sprints to the surface and I dip to drop the glass to the carpet. Then I return to vertical, fighting the desperate need to rid my bra of the freezing cold intruders. My nipples are numbing, the cold spreading across the flesh of my breasts. But I’m not relenting. Never. Reaching down, I skim the back of my hand over the bulge that’s tenting the front of his shorts. It’s instinctive. He’s a magnet – every part of him. ‘I challenge you to keep your hands to yourself.’ I say quietly, knowing he never could, and that I really don’t want him to.

He flinches, taking in a deep, steadying breath, staring at me with serious eyes. ‘Challenge accepted.’

I slowly push his shorts down his sturdy thighs, grinning on the inside at his fortitude and the fact that I have something very ticklish in my hand. ‘I have a deal?’

‘You have a deal.’

My smile is diminutive. He’ll never be able to keep his hands off me. I can see them twitching by his sides. ‘As confident as ever,’ I muse, stroking, kneading, and generally playing havoc with his willpower, all the while trying my hardest to ignore my painfully hard nipples. He hisses, and I smile, watching as his greens disappear behind his lids and his jaw starts ticking wildly. His hands are lifting, dropping, lifting again, and then he moans when I grasp him loosely, his shoulders tensing to match his jaw. Silly man.

Glancing down, I gently wisp the feather across the very tip of him, spiking an ear-piercing bark and a wicked smile from me. Seeing the strain in his eyes when he opens them thrills me. I’m not so thrilled when he knocks the feather from my grasp and spins me around, though. ‘I’ve changed the challenge,’ he rasps in my ear, his tone soaked in sex.

‘You can’t change the deal,’ I’m annoyed but breathless. He always does this.

His hands skim my spine until he finds my bra hook. He takes his time to unclasp it and pushes it down my arms to my wrists.  ‘Constantly reminding you of who holds the power is getting boring,’

I swallow hard, not bothering to retaliate. It’ll get me nowhere, except even more wound up. I already feel coiled to the maximum, my stomach all furled and my skin prickling. The loss of chilliness on my nipples is welcome…until he flicks the buds, making me wince.


‘Hard,’ he murmurs. My eyes close on a sigh when his tongue paints a wet trail across my taut neck, but snap right open when my arms are tugged behind my back and my lace bra wrapped expertly around my wrists, binding them quickly.

‘What are you doing?’ I gasp.

He spins me back to face him and burns holes through my stunned face with salacious eyes. ‘On your knees, Ava.’

My surprise morphs into consuming lust in a heartbeat, and I drop to my knees before him, watching, panting, as he steps out of his shorts. My eyes widen, delighted, and my tongue sweeps across my bottom lip as his beautiful, steel length kisses my mouth. His hips buck, and I smirk to myself, reaching forward and circling the tip with my tongue, taking a quick glance up at him and finding his head dropped, sweat trailing down his temples and torso.

‘Kate will be back soon, Ava.’ he purrs, taking a hold of himself and pushing his hips forward.

I take his cue and run my tongue the full length in a firm, even, precise stroke, kissing the tip gently when I reach the end.

He’s trembling, struggling, so I take him swiftly and deeply, relishing his smooth, taut flesh against my tongue. ‘Good.’ I whisper, biting down gently and dragging my teeth across his tight flesh. My hands might be tied, but it isn’t hampering me.

‘Don’t ask stupid fucking questions. Again.’

I comply, pushing myself back onto him, humming around his lush invasion of my mouth.

‘Fuck!’ He’s panting. ‘Deeper.’

I maintain my even advances on him. ‘Like this?’

‘If you’re going to do it, Ava, make it worthwhile.’

I increase the speed of my mouth’s caresses, instigating a satisfied bark followed by a low, drawn-out groan. He’s tipping the edge, his breathing erratic and strained. Drawing back slowly, I make a fast, sharp advance on him, taking him all of the way back, ensuring I keep my jaw relaxed and my mouth slack. His firmness brushes the back of my throat, his hips thrusting forward on a guttural yell.

‘Fuck! Baby, take it again.’ He withdraws quickly and pushes forward steadily, again and again and again. I absorb the assault on my mouth, moaning around him, pushing against his gentle hips lunges, willing him to take it to the next level.

And then things do become more urgent and I feel the grasp of his fists in my hair, guiding and pushing me onto him. I’m silently smug. My lacking ability to use my hands is of no consequence.

‘Fucking hell!’ Crumbling above me on a supressed yell, he holds me to him as he spasms in my mouth and his hot release shoots down my throat. My natural reflex has me swallowing urgently, his groin circling slowly against my mouth as he pours himself into me.

‘My work here is done,’ I mumble around his cock, licking and kissing, desperately wanting to regain the use of my hands so I can feel him with more than my mouth.

He pulls slowly out when my mouth relaxes, breathing shallowly and mumbling inaudible words to the ceiling. I try to gather myself, falling back on my heels, struggling for breath before looking up to find twinkling eyes staring down at me where I’m slumped on the floor. I can’t speak. My jaw is aching, feeling overworked and stiff.

I offer him a small smile, and he delicately brushes my hair from my face before joining me on the floor. His kiss is tender, loving and appreciative. ‘Apology accepted.’ he whispers.


Jodi Ellen Malpas was born and raised in the Midlands town of Northampton, UK, where she lives with her family.  Working for the family construction business fulltime and with the prospect of taking it over once her father retired, she tried to ignore the lingering idea of writing a novel until it became impossible. She finally found the time and courage to release her creative streak and in October 2012 self-published This Man as an e-book.  She took a chance on a story with some intense characters, notably Mr. Jesse Ward, the Lord of the Manor, and sparked incredible reactions from women all over the world.  Two months later,  Jodi made the decision to give up her day job to concentrate on her new and very unexpected career in writing.
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15 responses to “Between The SHeets Featuring A Jodi Ellen Malpas Exclusive Scene!

  1. excellent as usual, how long can jodi keep jesse and ava going? i could never get bored….maybe one where the kids are teenagers and he has to cope with a teenage daughter dating boys? that would be good, or them having more kids?

  2. Love this … ah, Ava and Jesse, doesn’t get much better! Thank you!!

  3. LOVE IT! Genius!!!

  4. I miss them, I miss them, I miss them!!!

  5. Keep it coming Jodi, i’m on your third book at the moment and am dreading the point when i reach the final page. I’ve loved every minute of every book, thank you !!!! x

  6. What a wonderful surprise. I am re-reading This Man Confessed at present. I don’t want Jesse and Ava to finish, ever. This is one of my very favourite couples. Wish Jodi could write another full story about them because Jesse is just toooooo much and can\t stop reading about him.

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  8. I want more Jessi and Ava!!! please ❤ big fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. samantha llewellyn

    Yes def more..Sad books have ended.x

  10. I love you extra snippets of Jesse and Ava!! Thank you Jodi for another great piece 😊❤️

  11. Love love love it!!! More Jesse and Ava please Lady!!!!!

  12. JoAnne Vigliotti

    I want more of Jesse & Ava also Sam & Kate… This Man Trilogy has become my favorite!!! So PLEASE can we have more, More, MORE

  13. I have all three of jodi books I think it’s the best book boyfriend ever jesse ward I so need more of him

  14. I NEED more of of Jesse & Ava… Please please write another book of them!! I’m already losing it lady 😦

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