Book Blast: Rock Hard, Love Hard by Kailin Gow and S. Sorensen **GIVEAWAY**

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Rock Hard Love Hard coverBOYFRIEND BOOKMARK RATING: ★★★★

The Protégé’s Sebastian Sorensen’s musical about a fallen college footfall star who gets the lead in a rock musical, directed by a smoking hot woman director whom he falls hard for, despite the danger she brings with her since she’s the plaything of the musical’s producer, who will give her everything except her freedom.

Sexual situations and language for age 18 and up.


When I started reading this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Kailin Gow has always impressed me with her work and this was no exception.

Hayworth James is a talent football player who wants nothing more than to become an architect when he graduates from college. Unfortunately he is about to lose the one thing he is counting on to accomplish his dreams, his scholarship to USC. One incredibly hard hit is all it takes and he now finds himself unable to participate in football. The coach does everything possible for Hayworth but when he is backed into a corner, he has no other option than to remove Hayworth from the team. But Hayworth is counting on that football scholarship to get him to his degree. His coach comes up with a back up for him that is at least worth a shot… acting.

There is a great scholarship for one of the lead roles in the college’s upcoming production, a musical. Of course Hayworth has never done anything like that, he plays football. But he is more determined to finish college and he needs a scholarship in order to do it so he does the only thing he knows to do. He heads over to the audtion. But everything changes the moment the director looks at him.

Fiona examines him and touches him and there is pretty much nothing that she can do that isn’t doing things to Hayworth. She is beautiful and she is taken. Fiona has a boyfriend, Michael, who is helping her realize her dream with this musical. But Hay doesn’t know that right away. What he knows is that he is instantly attracted to her and he knows there is chemistry at work between the two of them.

Fiona on the other hand is with Michael. Michael is strong and domineering and knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. But Fiona doesn’t see the situation like that. She knows that she is not his. She is her own person and she will not be controlled by anyone… or will she?

As Hay struggles internally knowing that Fiona is the one he wants to be with and share things with, he knows that she has a boyfriend. But the attraction is great and he doesn’t want to stand aside and watch her being used as an object.

This book is High School Musical for College with a huge dose of 50 Shades thrown in. It is intriguing and a quick read. Hay’s character is amazing. He has aspirations and will do what it takes to get to where he is going and he does everything with dedication and perseverance. But Hay has something else going for him… his strong dedication and love of family. I absolutely fell in love with this college guy. But I am not so sure his new director really understood what she was getting herself into that first day in her office. This book was a fun read and a fun study in human nature when alpha males just don’t see eye to eye. But more than that, when the two men come from two completely different places but both want the same girl, something is going to give.

The characters in this book were interesting and so completely opposite. Just when you think that Fiona is going to go one direction to the arms of one man, she turns and changes direction and heads straight to the other. It then becomes a battle for affections and attention. The angst in this book was awesome. I really enjoyed it. And the steam factor is just wow!

As usual I am impressed with the book and I would recommend it!



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Kailin Gow uses her author platform to bring awareness to issues affecting young adult and women. She has appeared on national radio as a regular guest and speaker on topics such as body image, self-esteem, dating and sexual relationships, bullying, and more; often brought up in her fiction books for young adults and women. She is a graduate of the Annenberg School for Communications Masters in Management program in journalism, marketing and publishing at the University of Southern California.

Kailin Gow is active in her community, and has donated her time and resources to organizations helping women and children.  She is also a member of the Independent Publisher’s Association, helping independent authors through education and networking.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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