Review: Rockalicious (Stud #1) by Alexandra V


Meet Jackson “Jax” Harding, lead singer of the rock band Dirty Louisiana. A wickedly good-looking playboy with a mischievous smile, a body that screams I’m-going-to-take-you-hard-against-the-closest-wall and stunning blue eyes that make you think that he can see right into your soul and impregnate it. He’s the kind of bad boy your mother has warned you about. Obviously, the type that you fall for anyway.

Women throw themselves at his feet and what kind of man would he be if he didn’t treat them to a good time or two? Relationships are perfectly okay as long as they are short-termed and there’s no label put on them. All he needs is someone to share his popcorn with, keep his feet warm at night and change body fluids with in every wicked way he can think of.

Meet the first trio of the Rockstar Stud’s Harem: Amy, Hayley and Alex. What can you expect when Jax meets women who aren’t the easy groupie type but whose panties fall off all by themselves anyway by the sight of the sex-on-a-very-honorable-sized-stick rock god? A little bit of wit, kink and smartassery. A hell of a lot lust, desire and passion.
Welcome to the sinful world of Rock ’n’ Roll. Enjoy the ride, it’s going to be a bumpy one.

Please consider yourself warned. If you are looking for a perfect fairytale-ish love story with I dos, matching heart tattoos and innocent second-base action, this book is so not for you. This book is intended for mature audiences, contains hot, consensual sex between people in insatiable lust with each other. Panties are optional.


I am not big on reading books that I can’t give three stars or more to. So this is a really tough review for me to write. But here’s the thing, I don’t feel like I can give this book a rating of any sort. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. It has the sex scenes down pat and those are steamy, but beyond that there really isn’t a plot or a storyline so I can’t even give you a breakdown of the “story” itself. Yes, there was a warning in the synopsis, but I don’t need a story to have huge hearts and flower kind of relationships, I was ok just knowing it was lust. But I wasn’t expecting three quickies with no story at all.

There is a bad boy rocker and the first part he is with his bitchy assistant who just gets under his skin and nothing she does is good enough. Well except when he tells her he doesn’t like her because all he wants to do is have sex with her. And they have sex.

The second part is with a model and she is smoking hot and they might as well have had sex right in the middle of the photo shoot. They didn’t, it was right after…

The third story was a repeat visitor who he calls when he is in town. She goes to visit him and they have sex.

This is a tough one to write a review of because it is three sex scenes, same guy, three girls. There is no story or character development of any sort and it is a very short read. And if you read the three paragraphs above you get the idea. Now if you want just sex out of a book, then this little quickie is perfect for you. But if you want a story with characters or a plot that mean something, then I wouldn’t stop at this book.

I got this book when the author told me about it and it was free at the time and the synopsis sounded interesting enough so I thought what the heck. I truly wish I could have been more supportive of it. But there was nothing to this book and it had no substance. A few hot sex scenes and it was over. I think the writing was great, but that is really hard to judge in this short of a read. I think the author shows promise if she can develop a story line to go with it but it just lacked everything that a story needs. I didn’t like the main character and the secondary characters weren’t around long enough for you even to get to know.

I am glad it wasn’t 350 pages of sex with different women. I probably would have had a DNF on the book, but the rating would still have been the same.


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