Blog Tour: Dark Secret by Michelle Escamilla


Emma Blackwood was the epitome of ordinary. She lived in a small town, where she excelled in school and loved to hang out with her friends. Wanting to escape from her ordinary life, she headed to college in the city. But as soon as college life was over, she found herself back to the same old routine. Normal.

After a night on the town with her best friend, Kyle, Emma meets a mysterious man. One small touch of his hand made her feel things that she’s never experienced before. That moment changed everything for Emma. ‘Normal’ was never going to be a word to describe her ever again.

Micah Oliver didn’t grow up in a normal world. His mother, a witch, had passed on her powers to him. He had a gift, one that could sense when others, like him, were near. Finding Emma was supposed to be a blessing for him, someone that would understand his way of life. Or was it?

Emma doesn’t know her past, or her future and Micah has the answers, but there is one problem.

He has a Dark Secret….

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Emma has led a pretty ordinary every day life. Nothing impressive or that you would be over excited about. She went to school, has a job and is now just looking for her place in the world. She lives with her best friend in the entire world, Kyle. Though a very unconventional friendship, it works for both of them.

Now, here’s the thing, we really don’t know anything about the guy we are wanting so desperately to love, except that he is dark… unsure of what exactly that means, he does capture the attention and makes you take notice of him. He is someone you want on your side and have no idea why, well except he’s hot.

When Emma notices changes in her life, things that she is now able to do and is not sure why, she starts looking into it, but it appears Micah shares her dark secret. He knows. But torn between her new abilities and the secrets that have been kept from her for her entire life, Emma must decide what she wants out of life. Can Micah help her rein in her powers or is his secret so dark that Emma will not allow him to stay close to her?

I was really thrown off by the first person voice in this book. It’s not the first time I have read a book from this perspective, but with all of the dialogue in the book, I am not sure it worked in this situation, especially at the very beginning of the book. Though I adapted to it a few chapters into it, it was very distracting for me at the beginning with all of the dialogue taking palce.

In her sophmore novel, Michelle Escamilla does a great job with the story itself. I like the characters, I liked the sass and the friendly banter. I enjoyed the premise behind the story and the characters captured my attention. I was pretty fond of Kyle, so I wish we would have had more of him. I was a little disappointed in Emma’s reaction to her mother’s confession of keeping this secret from Emma for so long. I thought that scene would have been more powerful and more eventful.

I really enjoyed this story, I wish it wouldn’t have ended when it did, but it was well told and portrayed a dark side that can be good. It was a new take on a romance novel and it was unique and adveturous. I really appreciated Michelle Escamilla’s new look romance with Dark Secret.


Dark Secret



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