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Sidney has a rough life. Her mom is incredibly abusive both mentally and physically. One day, she’s awarded the escape she’s always wanted and thrust into a world she barely understands. Each day is a struggle to feel human and not terrified of everything around her.

Sidney has rules. Routines. Structure. It’s the only way she can cope.

When a handsome, yet mysterious stranger inserts himself into her life, Sidney begins to come apart at the seams. She’s having trouble sticking to her habits and it’s threatening to shred any hope of a normal life to pieces. 
Will this stranger help her in ways no other person can, or will things get worse for her? 

He comes with his own set of problems and secrets he’s unwilling to share. Will they work together through the mess of their pasts or will they get caught up enabling each other? Will their toxic relationship ultimately be destined for demise?


The synopsis says that Sidney has had a “rough life.” I’m just going to put this out there, that is by far the biggest understatement I have ever read. It was not rough. It was tragic and awful and terrorizing and evil. Her mother had serious issues and Sidney is the one that had to pay for it. But not knowing any better or any way out, she was trapped.

When Sidney’s mother dies suddenly, she is given her chance to start her life. To begin again on her own, to do things her way, to live. All of these things seem quite normal to normal lives, but to Sidney, they are everything. She has never had a normal life and now she’s here at the age of 21 and now finding her escape from the situation that she has been in since her dad left when she was young. But what happens when she begins to live a normal life is anything but normal.

Finding a job and moving into a new apartment, Sidney’s life seems to be finally on track. But nothing is as it seems. With the creeper upstairs and the hottie next door… she is finding herself escaping for cold air more often than not. But as I said, nothing is as it seems when the hottie’s brother returns from the military. Things get weird, barriers are broken and faith is restored.

This book was ultimately completely sweet and tender, though I had no idea where it was going when I first started reading it. I cannot even imagine what this girl has been through and it is tragic. But the faith she finds in Liam is inspiring until Lane returns home… and what the heck is up with the creeper upstairs?

I love Patrick Swayze as much as every other girl in my age group who lived through the release of Dirty Dancing. But when Ghost hit the big screen, the heart would never be the same. But I think that simple connection over an actor was just what this book needed. Of course, that connection went well beyond reader and character. More like reader and characters.

Once the pieces begin to fall in place in this book, it all makes sense. A modern telling of one of my all time favorite stories. This book was smart. It was full of all the elements in a great story. It touched the heart, it heightened the senses and it intrigued the mind.




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