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noah cover THE BOYFRIEND BOOKMARK: ★★★★★

Being the son of Colton Mitchell isn’t what Noah Mitchell wants to be known for. Though he works along side of his father, he feels the strain to go out on his own. Being the next in line to be in control of the family’s ranch, he debates on taking his life in a completely different direction. 

Leaving town to clear his head he meets Shalan, a beautiful singer that longs for a life in the city. 

As sparks fly, his family’s dreams for him seemingly go out the window. Will Noah stick around to follow in the footsteps of his famous father, or will love lead him away? 

This is Book 1 in the new series, Mitchell- Healy Cousins.

You will still be able to enjoy all of the original characters from the original Mitchell Series.


I am so ridiculously in love with this cowboy! Noah stole my heart within minutes of meeting him. No, he’s not perfect. He hate’s his job and the plan for his life that has been laid out for him, without regard to his wishes. He just needs to get out and discover what it is that he wants to be when he’s grown up, especially now that he’s grown up.

Noah has one of those big, loud and obnoxious families. Some members you want to smack, some you want to embrace. But no matter what you want to value what they have as a family. They treasure their moments and they treasure one another. The hold to their places in the family and no matter how angry they get, home is where their family is.

But Noah just wants a chance to figure out who he is. He wants to know if there is life outside of the fences of the ranch. He wants to be who he wants to be and not who he is expected to be. Taking the opportunity that he has been given, he does just that. What he doesn’t expect is what he found.

Running from his life, he finds himself in a small town at a local place to catch a bite to eat, but when things get crazy for his waitress he knows he can’t leave her alone. She needs help, he is there. He will help Shalan. Together they embark on a journey that will change everything. Not only will things change for Noah, but for Shalan as well. Some may call it destiny, some may call it fate, I call it beautiful.These two just are so imperfectly perfect for one another, even if they are not willing to admit it.

Shalan has had her fair share of crazy in her life. She just wants to start over. But if Noah leaves, she knows she will be on the first bus back to a town that didn’t want her. Her dreams are bigger than the town she was escaping. Held deep inside, she knew that she would never be anything… until Noah.

Noah guided Shalan as much as he was guided. Now, I am not saying that Noah was a perfect gentleman. I think his mouth was anything but gentle, but his heart was pure and he always had the best of intentions, especially where Shalan was concerned.

But no one is ever as perfect as they seem. When things shift and change, these two are forced apart. Unable to explain it to themselves or anyone, the chemistry was there, but they were in two different places. Noah’s family needed him, Shalan was daring to believe in her dreams. Can they find their way back to each other or is something, once lost, gone forever? Can she understand his reasons and accept him for who he is or will it be too much?

This book was fun, flirty, a tad bit dangerous and full of family crazy! I loved every minute of it. I loved Noah’s smart mouth, Shalan’s shy ways. I loved that when they were together things just ignited, sometimes good, sometimes bad. I loved the journey. It was a crazy ride and it was worth every moment. The characters just captured my heart and it was such a great reminder that even though they may be crazy and extreme, family is the most important thing in your life.

Noah and his story just stole my heart and I don’t think I want it back anytime soon. Jennifer Foor does an amazing job and I cannot wait for more of this series! Well written and well told, this is a 5-star read without a doubt!


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I tugged down my jeans, since his back was turned to me. We were both adults and he’d obviously seen a woman before. Being in my underwear was exactly like wearing a bathing suit. I had nothing to feel ashamed of.

Well, that’s how I felt before he turned around and got an eyeful. “I wasn’t kiddin’ about sharin’ a bed.”

I climbed into the cold bed next to his. “You and I both know what will happen if I get into that bed with you.”

He sat up, leaning on his elbow. “What’s that exactly?”

“Oh, you’re funny. Like you don’t know already. Do you really think I’d just throw caution to the wind and sleep with you after one day?”

“You almost did a few hours ago.”

He was right and I hated that he knew it. “I would have stopped you.”

“Darlin’, after one kiss you’d be beggin’ me for more.”

His huge ego annoyed me, but it also made me hot between my legs. I could close my eyes and picture him being between them, satisfying the growing craving I had for him.

“Have I mentioned how much I hate cocky men?”

“Maybe you just hate cock. Are you into cleanin’ carpets? Is that how you roll?” He must have thought his comment was funny, because he rolled on his back and cackled at himself. “You like the taste of pussy?”

I pulled a pillow over my face and screamed into it. The bantering between us was making me crazy. I finally removed the pillow, put my hand on the lamp switch, and spoke. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” I shut off the light and rolled over promising myself that I wouldn’t listen to anything else he had to say.

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jennifer foor bioABOUT JENNIFER FOOR

Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She’s best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.

She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing stories that come from her heart.

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