Blog Tour: Decadent by Adrianne Lee




Contractor Wade Reynolds is having a tough year. His cherry farm went bust, and his construction clients threaten to unhinge what’s left of his sanity. But Wade’s passion for life heats up when he’s hired to remodel a new storefront next to Big Sky Pie -and he falls for the red-hot, bad girl who’s setting up her catering shop there. Fresh off her own divorce, Roxy isn’t looking for another relationship, just a spontaneous fling or three. Her contractor Wade looks as delicious as her specialty confections, but he’s way too buttoned-up for a casual affair. Yet there’s an ultra-sexy strength about him Roxy can’t resist. What that man clearly needs is something decadent—like her…


I LOVED this tasty treat of a book! It was simply delicious… oh and I am so making that pie at the end! Yum!

Roxy is going home. Her life is not the same and she is ready to begin again. Divorce is a powerful thing but she knows she needs to go home to move on with her life. She has everything she needs and she is determined to make her life her own. On the journey there, she finds something else in her new life that she wants. But she is in no way looking for a relationship. She doesn’t want that. She likes the looks of him a lot and there is a certain spark there, but she doesn’t want anything more. She wants to do things her way, but there is something about him that she is just hooked on…

Wade isn’t read to find love again. It’s just not worth it. The only girl he is ever gonna love is his daughter. That is what he cares about and he doesn’t want to do the relationship thing. It’s been four years, but the guilt factor gets him every time. He doesn’t want to be set up, he doesn’t want a girlfriend. He is content with his life… until that one fateful wintery night when a cat changes everything…

Roxy’s cat is a pain in the ass, it is evident. The cat just does not like Wade. Every time that cat gets near, Wade ends up with blood on himself. But there is something about that cat’s owner that just draws him like a moth to a flame. It’s hard to resist.

She doesn’t want a relationship, she is offering him what could possibly be every man’s dream: a friend with serious benefits. But things shift, things change and when Wade outlook on relationships change, everything changes. But will the two of them be able to make it as a couple? Could they possibly be more than friends with benefits? Could they find their second chances at love?

This book was just touching. I didn’t want to put it down when I started reading it. I love the colorful and playful banter between the characters. You can tell instantly there is serious chemistry between the two, even Wade’s daughter’s teacher notices… ahem…  But it’s not just the banter between these two that draws me in. The setting is perfect, the food is comforting and it reminds me of coming home again.

This book is sweet, flirty, sex as all get out, and just plain romantic. You can’t help but fall in love with the characters, the town and the cat. This is a 5-star must read!


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??????????????????????About Adrianne Lee

Adrianne Lee lives with her husband of many, many years on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington State in a pole barn building her husband transformed into an upstairs apartment with a shop below for his hot rods. Adrianne creates her stories on her laptop, in her recliner with her adopted cat, Spooky, curled between her calves, snoozing.  Over thirty years of summer vacationing in the Flat Head Lake area near Kalispell and Glacier Park has given her a love for all things Montana.



2 responses to “Blog Tour: Decadent by Adrianne Lee

  1. Thank you for hosting DECADENT today on the blog tour, Stephanie. Your review is awesome, btw. I am thrilled that you loved the book. And I hope you won’t mind if I quote it on my social media accounts? Giving you credit of course. Adrianne Lee

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