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Lyla Summers hates men. Okay, maybe hate is a strong word … Lyla intensely dislikes men.

Her father has let her down her whole life. Her brother betrayed her in the worst way possible. And her past relationship experiences with men have been less than great. Lyla is focussing all her energy into her band, Vintage, so when they receive an offer to sign with TMS Records, it seems that things are finally turning around for her. The last thing she wants is a man getting in the way.

Tom Carter loves women. Okay, love might be pushing it … Tom enjoys screwing lots of women.

When tragedy befalls his best friend, Tom finds himself making a promise to the big man upstairs – he’ll change his ways, if he saves the woman his best friend loves. Tom’s prayer is answered. Now he has to change. Which means no sleeping around.

After Vintage’s manager breaks her leg skiing, Tom steps in as tour manager, and Lyla finds herself on tour with the man whore of rock.

Put one perpetually horny Tom and one sex resistant Lyla together, equals a recipe for disaster. Or so you’d think…

But an unexpected friendship is formed. A closeness neither of them expected. Putting one chastity belt and one lamp that is in desperate need of rubbing, to the test.

Will the sex storm that is Tom Carter, finally find himself tamed by the rock chick with a hardened heart, or will he go back to his womanizing ways…?


Samantha Towle takes rockers to a whole new level in Taming The Storm. It is hot and completely panty melting and so full of sexual tension that you can’t put it down. Five stars worth of angst, drama and hotter than hell moments.

Lyla has been hurt in the worst way possible. Not once or twice, but over and over it seems. She has sworn off romance, men and the thought of love. She doesn’t have time for it anyway. She is about to go on tour with her band and doesn’t do the whole sleeping around thing. So will have no problems staying focused. Until the band’s tour manager gets hurt and is unable to go on tour with them. This is bad… very bad. If they don’t have a tour manager, they don’t tour.

But Jake (ahhh…Jake) is determined to get Lyla and her band on the road. So he does what any great and totally swoon-worthy label owner would do… he finds someone to fill in and that someone is Tom Carter. Yes, Tom Carter of The Mighty Storm is going to be their tour manager.

All of the guys in Vintage think this is a fabulous idea. Now they will have a role model in their quest to get groupies. Someone who may be able to teach them a thing or two… UGH! This is going to be a nightmare for Lyla. Not only doesn’t she want another man whore on the road with them, she certainly doesn’t want the one that has previously hit on her.

When these two face off, sparks fly, tempers flare and the sexual tension is out of control. She will never admit that she is completely attracted to Tom and Tom will never admit that he has changed his ways after making a promise that he intends to keep. But within all that tension, a friendship is formed. Laya learns to appreciate Tom as a person. But no matter what she does, the heat these two exchange is nothing short of panty melting.

Now one thing I mentioned is all that sexual tension… and it is there and it is thick. But that is one thing I love about Samantha Towles books, she makes even the most frustrating moments insanely hot. It has been a while since I have read a book with this much tension and it was a great change of pace.

The characters, well, I know I love The Mighty Storm and I know that Jake set me on fire with the first two books, but I didn’t expect this intensity from Tom. This was a great book with a lot of twists, turns and intense moments along the way. Taming The Storm just captured me and I knew what I wanted to happen between these two, but Tom had to prove he had changed, Lyla has to learn to open up and forgive the past to move forward. It was exciting and full of anticipation for them both, watching them struggle to say true to themselves.

Samantha Towle has another hit on her hands with Taming The Storm and I cannot get enough! This book is worth more than five fabulous stars!


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“I’m clean, I promise. I have regular checkups. And I never go bareback. I’ve singlehandedly kept Trojan in business for the last fifteen years. You have nothing to worry about.”

Fifteen years? He started having sex when he was fourteen?

How am I surprised by this? This is Tom Carter we’re talking about.

And I was just starting to consider maybe giving in after his whole trust thing. But now, all I have ringing in my ears is, I’ve singlehandedly kept Trojan in business for the last fifteen years.

Nice reminder of his whoring ways. I feel sick.

I hold back the rising bile and clip out, “Nothing to worry about? Oh, okay…” I can feel my anger climbing to epic proportions. Only he can get under my skin this way. I try not to think just what that means. “I gotta say, Tom, I feel a whole lot better about your proposal of letting you have sex with me bare-fucking-back,” I yell, “when you just reminded me that in the past you’ve been ridden more times than an elevator in the Empire State Building!”

His eyes narrow. “You knew all along who you were getting into bed with, sweetheart.”

“Ugh! Sometimes, I wonder what the hell I’m doing with you.” I don’t mean that. But I’m angry, and when I’m angry, I’m not rational.

I push against his rock-hard chest and start wiggling, trying to get out from underneath him.

But Tom is a lot bigger and a lot stronger than me. Pinning me with his hips, he grabs my hands and holds them tight against the pillows above my head. I can’t budge an inch. And I don’t like it one bit.

“You know exactly why you’re with me. Because I fuck you like no man ever has before or ever will again.”

Not impressed, I scowl up at him. “Let. Me. Go.”

“No. Seems you need reminding of a few things. One, I am always the one who does the riding, not the other way round. The bedroom is my domain.”

Shifting his hips, he presses the bare length of his hard cock against my clit. I have to bite back a moan. But my body shudders, giving me away. I hate the way my body betrays me when it comes to him.

He smirks. “You got that, or do you need a little more reminding?”

Ignoring my body’s screaming needs, I snap out, “Fuck you!”

“We’ll be doing that real soon, but for now, just answer the goddamn question. I said, you got that, or do I need to remind you again?” He thrusts against me, harder. It’s more precise this time, hitting that perfect spot.

I’m sure that man has a mental blueprint of my vagina because he knows just when and where to touch me at the exact right moment. My eyes roll back in my head, a moan escaping this time. The words leave my lips without thought, “I got it.” My voice sounds breathy, girlish, not like me at all.

Just who am I with him?

“Good girl.”

I see a look of power take over his face before he lowers his head to mine. Our lips are almost touching but frustratingly not. And it scares me just how badly I need his mouth on mine in this moment.

His hot breath mixes in with my own as he rumbles out, “For some ass-backward reason, you are the only one I want to ride. Constantly. Over and over. I can’t get enough of you, and you are the only one I have ever wanted to ride bare-fucking-back. So, that kind of erases the rest, wouldn’t you say?” He sucks my bottom lip into his mouth. “I want to feel you,” he murmurs.

Breath knocked out.

Tom doesn’t push for an answer because he doesn’t need to. I’m a limp, pliable mess of emotions under his firm hands and mind-fucking words.

“Tom,” I whisper, breathless. “Ride me…now…bare-fucking-back.”

Fan made trailer by Cris Hadarly at The Book Avenue


Samantha Towle is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. She began her first novel in 2008 while on maternity leave. She completed the manuscript five months later and hasn’t stopped writing since.
She is the author of contemporary romances, The Mighty Storm, Wethering the Storm, and Trouble. She has also written paranormal romances, The Bringer and The Alexandra Jones Series, all penned to tunes of The Killers, Kings of Leon, Adele, The Doors, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac, Lana Del Rey, and more of her favorite musicians.
A native of Hull and a graduate of Salford University, she lives with her husband, Craig, in East Yorkshire with their son and daughter.

Facebook | Twitter | Website

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