New Release: The Puma Papers~Becoming Puma Episode 1 by Vi Amour

The Puma Papers

This book is being released on Amazon ONLY and right now, it’s only 99-cents!

18 and older only.
45 minute to an hour sexy hot read
Join me on a summer adventure of hot short reads to be published every two weeks.


Becoming a puma wasn’t necessarily high on my ‘things to accomplish before I turn 30’ list or anything, but I’d be lying if I said it was ‘purely a surprise.’
It isn’t a coincidence.
This ‘younger’ thing.
I’ve always been into younger men. Since I was a teenager, I’ve been in lust with younger men. Do they sometimes need to be told exactly what to do?
Can it get old quickly?
But sometimes…I like it. It’s hot as fuck to know that you have single-handedly taught a young man how to properly bang a chick. And sometimes, you just gave him a little more practice in a skill he has already honed. Just not so— properly.


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