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Layne_Only With You_MMThe Boyfriend Bookmark : ★★★★★

Getting mistaken for a prostitute is not part of Sophie Dalton’s life plan. Not that Sophie even has a life plan. She’s perfectly happy being everyone’s favorite party girl. But then a Las Vegas bachelorette party goes awry, and an uptight businessman gives Sophie a new label: hooker. 
Unfortunately, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there. When the same jerk who mistook her for a prostitute shows up as Sophie’s new boss and her perfect sister’s new boyfriend, Sophie’s carefree existence is turned upside down. Grayson Wyatt may have infiltrated family dinners and her professional world, but Sophie’s not about to let a judgmental prude anywhere near her personal life.
As Gray’s icy stares give way to quiet smiles, Sophie realizes that the one man she’s been so desperate to get away from just might be the one she wants to keep around forever.

Stephanie : ★★★★★

Fun, flirty and full of sass… this book was fabulous and I loved each and every word of it. Lauren Layne has an amazing sense of humor and interwove it into this romance in an unconventional way and the way she twisted it into the story was fabulous. There was nothing about this book that I did not like. There is usually one sticking spot for me in every book, but this one just left no stone unturned and it consumed me from the very beginning with the blingy eyelashes.

This book begins in Las Vegas and as you know only amazing thing happen in Vegas… well… unless you are Sophie. That is when it happens. She blings her eyelashes out and heads out for the slutty bachelorette party that she is attending. But what she doesn’t expect is an amazingly handsome man on the elevator with her. But everything that could go wrong on that elevator does go wrong. The elevator… well… it doesn’t want to work and when it starts plummeting down so does Sophie. The beginning of the end.

She is in a job that just passes the time, not sure what she is meant to do with her life. She is known as the girl that has no objective in life. But it hadn’t always been that way. Her life was on track. She was going to a great school after finishing up at another. She was ready to sink her feet in and get a career. Except, Sophie knows this is not where her passion is. So instead of wasting her time and her parents money, she leaves it behind until she can figure out what she wants out of life. But plummeting to her death in an elevator with a guy who thinks she is a prostitute? Definitely not how she planned on figuring it out.

Oh but that man on the elevator was just to charming, in his very simple language or non-existent language. But Sophie’s bottom happened on that elevator when that guy indicated that she was a paid escort. Sure at that moment, she looked similar to one, but it was Vegas. Who doesn’t let their inner hooker shine a little? But him… he was rude, arrogant and a general jerk.

Fast forward to Sophie’s return home and family dinner. Her parents, her best friend, her sister… oh and she’s bringing home a guy for dinner too… Great. One more think for Sophie  to worry about. Now, not only is she still trying to find her way in life, now she is going to be compared to the perfect sister brining home the perfect guy. Great. Did I mention when Sophie came home from Vegas, she quit her job? On top of everything else…

Oh but things get really good when she greets her sister and her new beau at the door for dinner… I think a few foul words need to be thrown in for effect. When she locks eyes with her sister’s new beau… CRAP! Yup you guessed it… Ass in the elevator has come for dinner.

But things only get more interesting from there. Suddenly she is ready for revenge. This guy actually told her she was a prostitute! I mean who wouldn’t want revenge… Now, thing about it is that awkward just got even more awkward over dinner and now Sophie has a new job. If for anything else, she is going to use it to torment the life out of him.

Grayson was just being nice over dinner offering her that job. She wasn’t supposed to accept it. There is no way they can work together! She is not professional, she can’t possibly keep up… or is Gray just so full of stereotypes that he cannot see the hidden gem?

These two drive each other absolutely crazy, but they also find a passion deep within. Will her need for revenge subside when she realizes that he is so much more than she bargained for? Will he move beyond first impressions and let down his guard a little? They have the passion, the desire is definitely there, but can they make something happen?

This is one of those books that just has situation after situation of crazy and fun built in. The chemistry these two characters had was just intense. They hated and the loved with the best of them. The writing in this book was amazing and fun. I could not put it down. When Gray and Sophie were together, they just ignited in rage and romance. I couldn’t get enough!

There was also a secondary story of her best friend and her sister… I so want to know how their story plays out and I cannot wait for the next book!

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About Lauren Layne

Lauren Layne writes contemporary romance for Grand Central Publishing (Forever) and Random House(Loveswept).
After dabbling in an e-commerce career in Seattle and Southern California, Lauren moved to New York City where she now writes full time.
Lauren graduated from Santa Clara University with B.S. in Political Science that she has yet to put to good use. She lives with her husband and plus-sized pomeranian in a tiny Manhattan studio.

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