Spotlight & Review: Kismet by A.E. Woodward **GIVEAWAY**


The Boyfriend Bookmark: ★★★★★


Katie’s world came crashing down in an instant.

Her husband, daughter, and unborn baby. . . all gone in a flash. The life that she’d come to know, gone before she ever really got to live it.

With a broken heart, she deals the only way she knows how, by shutting it all off. No communicating, no feelings, just pure nothingness.

Alone with nothing but her own thoughts and a well meaning family, she moves back to her childhood home, a horse farm. It’s there that she finds herself healing along with the horses her family rehabilitates. But when Parker McKenzie comes back into her life she’s reminded of all that went wrong, and all that she lost.

Will Katie ever begin to heal? Or will her secrets and loss be too much for her to overcome?

Perhaps, this is her kismet.

Stephanie: ★★★★★

I was first introduced to this book by another author. The first time I read this book I was so completely swept away by emotion that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sleep for a week. I have gone back and re-read Kismet for a second time now because I know it left a mark the first time. The second time, it took my breath away. I was still full of all the same emotions. After reading it a first and second time, the only thing I didn’t seem to have any left of was tears. This is a very emotional book, I knew that going into it both times I read it. But even after reading it a second time, I cannot get over how amazing it is.

The words touched my heart, broke my heart, healed my heart and made me believe that everyone has a purpose. We may not know what our destiny is, but we know we are here to do something.  It is Kismet.

Katie’s world ended the day of the accident. She was the only survivor. She lost her husband, her daughter and the baby she was carrying. She lost everything. There was no reason that she should be here. The accident took everyone she loved from her and she was left with nothing. She didn’t deserve to be here. So she did the one thing she knew how to do, deprive herself of everything. Leave herself feeling that loss day after day. She shut down. She stopped communicating.

Now she finds herself back in her hometown with her parents and brother. But what she didn’t want was Parker to be around. He was the reason she found this other life. He was the reason she swore she would never return. He was the reason she only had half of a heart. The other half crashed around her when she lost her family.

But will she be able to break free from the stiffening silence? Will Parker end up being the cure to her pain or will he just push her into a deeper downward spiral? With the faith in the love they once shared be enough to get them through this painful time or will it only cause them more pain and heartache?

This book is heartbreaking and heartwarming. It is moving and touching and I just want to cling to the characters and embrace them. There is no bad person here, just a series of unfortunate events that have altered all of their lives in. There is not one character to hate or be angry at in this book. I want to smother each and every one of them with so much love and I want to help them live for the days they have been given. To help them hold on to the things that are true in life and to never let go of those that hold the most love.

You want an amazing book, this is it. You need a reminder of the power of love, this is it. You want to be reminded of all of the gifts we are given in life, this book is it. It is strength, courage, fear and love. It is one of the most powerful books I have ever read and it doesn’t matter how many times it will be read through time, it will continue to pull and tug at the heart and put so much of life in perspective. It will remind you that each day is a gift, “make it count.”




“I know that we’ve had our moments,” Parker says, and his voice is quiet as he gently puts his hand on mine, “but I’m just trying to help you, kiddo.”

My eyes find his icy blue ones, hidden under the most beautiful lashes, and my heart skips. I want to pull my hand away, but I can’t. There is something about his touch, something soothing and familiar. Without thinking, I run my hand up the length of his arm, taking a step towards him and allowing myself to get closer. Everything stills and I know my brain is no longer in control of my action, this is all my heart.

Our stomachs touch and I’m so close that I’m able to breathe in the familiar scent of him. I search his face, looking for some sort of insight. What is he thinking?

With another step, I place my left hand on his chest. He looks at me, unsure of himself. Not something I see on Parker often.

Before he can argue I throw myself at him, my arms wrap around his waist and I place my head on his shoulder.

Every muscle in his body goes lax as I hug him. “Jesus, Katie, I’ve missed you,” he whispers running his hand through my dark blonde hair. “I just want to hear your voice.”

I want to believe him but I can’t. Parker McKenzie has always been full of it. Back when I knew him—really knew him—he’d say and do anything to get what he wanted. Everything was always a conquest for him, just like I had been…and probably still am.

Hands rest on either side of my face, and Parker gently lifts my gaze to his. I want to hate him. I want to push him away from me. But I can’t. I’m frozen, under the control of emotions that have been buried away for years. With the realization that he still has a hold on my heart, the guilt washes over me. My stomach churns and I start to pull away from him.

As if sensing my change in mood, he tightens his grip on my wrists and pulls me back in. He thumbs my bracelet, reminding me of the depth of our relationship. There are so many layers to Katie and Parker. Layers that no one will truly ever uncover.

“I know I treated you like shit, and I know that I don’t deserve for you to give me a chance, but you’ve gotta know that the minute you left town seven years ago, I knew I’d made a mistake. I know you know it too. You and I were the only thing that ever made sense to me, Katie.”

Emotions begin to stir inside of me. His eyes burn down on mine. I struggle to organize my thoughts, wondering what my next move will be. We’ve never talked about that day, and I want to know why.

I consider my options. Do I start my healing by figuring out my past? I just want to know why things ended up the way they did. I want to make sense of this crazy thing called my life.

“What the hell’s going on here?” Tommy’s voice bellows through the stable.

Just like two gawky teenagers getting caught for the first time, we break our embrace. I look up to see Tommy stalking angrily down the narrow walkway of the barn.

“She’s my family too, Tommy,” Parker calls out. “I have a right to hug her if I want.”

Before I know it, Tommy’s chest is bumping with Parker’s. They’re standing face to face, their noses practically touching. The tension in the stable has just increased tenfold.

“She’s been through enough without you fucking with her head again, Parker!”

“I’m not fucking with her.” Parker pushes Tommy away with his hands. Tommy clenches his fists and I can tell he’s doing his best to control his anger. A nervous ball of energy rests in my stomach and I watch helplessly as Parker exits the stall and walks out of the barn. “I’m helping her,” he calls over his shoulder. “You would understand that if you knew anything about your sister.” And with those parting words he leaves Tommy and I alone with nothing but our silent thoughts.




A.E. lives in Vacationland with her husband and two children. Between her real job and writing she finds little time to enjoy life’s finer things. However in the free time she does manage to steal, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, and reading. A.E. is the author of Kismet and A Series of Imperfections: Imperfectly Perfect, Imperfectly Real, and Imperfectly Bad. She is currently writing her fifth book, Working Girl.




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