New Release & Review: Hers To Claim (Verdantia Series #4) by Patricia A. Knight




A prince from the Nyth Uchel mountains … a healer from the Oshtech desert …

Scornfully rejected by her desert lover and uncertain of her place in the world, Adonia traveled a perilous road to the fabled mountain-city of Nyth Uchel. She came to heal the sick and dying, but in the arms of highborn prince, Hel, Adonia found the answer to saving herself.

Descended from nobility, once great kings of Verdantia, Hel willingly bore the burden of his dying city and its people on his shoulders. Watching helplessly as a malingering evil attacked the very soil under his feet, he crushed his pride to summon help. He’d been staggered to discover the answer to saving his city and perhaps all Verdantia might lie behind a heavy fall of chocolate hair and shy brown eyes.

As their entire planet faces an encroaching black death, two seemingly disparate individuals forge a partnership of love and sacrifice that will alter their future forever. All of Verdantia will be tested.


Patricia A. Knight has stolen my heart with the fourth book in the Verdantia series. I have fallen in love with each one of these books, but this one just completely stole my heart. I have seen all of the relationships in this series progress in the name of the Mother, but there was something special about this one. Never has a planet been so damn sexy and in control!

Hel is a prince, a descendent of nobility, whose mission is to protect the Nyth Unchel mountains from the evils that threaten the people. But now, he knows he must reach out to those who can help him most as the people in his community are dying faster than they can get supplies to help save them. When he reaches out to Fleur, Ari and Doral (Hers To Command) for assistance in saving his city with a healer and so supplies, he really doesn’t expect to be accompanied back to his home by Adonia. She has just captured Hel with her beauty. But there is more to this amazing woman. Along for the journey are Steffania and Ram (Hers To Cherish) and promise for an adventure like no other.

Along this journey, Hel is made more and more aware of the presence of Adonia. She is smart, beautiful, strong and brave. She may not see it or believe it, but Hel knows it and he will prove it to her. Since their first meeting, he saw something in her that she doesn’t quite see. He sees so much more.

The adventure back to Nyth Unchel is dark and dangerous, but little mysteries are solved along the way, but can the biggest mystery be solved now that Adonia has made it to this city? This is an amazing journey, not only on the trail back to Hel’s home, but a journey of discovery for Adonia. She not only has to find her self worth, but she will discover so much about her own history. All while falling head over heals for a guy that may not love her back. And she does it all from the kindness within her soul.

This planet has so many dark sides and threats, but to discover that you are the one that could possibly hold all the answers? Whew! That’s a lot for anyone to take on, and Adonia was doing just that. She wanted to make him proud. She knew he may never look at her the same way she was looking at him, but she knew she had a commitment to fulfill to the people of Nyth Unchel and to the Queen back home.

I think I have said it with each of Patricia A. Knight’s books, but this is not a genre that I typically read, but when a series captures me from the first page in the first book, I know it is a series that I am going to want to stick with through the end. She has yet to disappoint.

Hers To Claim is a powerful story of survival, strength, courage. The powerful love between Hel and Nia was amazing, they had demons and they had history but together, they had what it took to help save the planet. I loved seeing the return of all of the characters from previous books and I couldn’t get enough of the interactions between Ram and Hel.

Patricia A. Knight has taken a mythical place, mixed in some larger than life characters and thrown in a lot of hot sex all to save the planet and you just can’t go wrong with that kind of power. Hers To Claim is a fabulous continuation in an already amazing series and I will definitely be revisiting it again!


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