New Release & Review: Revealed by Britni Hill

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Revealed (Western Palm book 2)

Release Date: September 16, 2014

Genre: New Adult


Angry and jealous. That’s the perfect way to describe Jason Parker. After feeling that way for so long Jason’s had enough. He’s starting to hate who he’s become and his perfect facade is cracking. Jason’s blaming everyone but himself, he’s lashing out and the only thing that matters is numbing his own pain, doubt, and guilt. In the aftermath of betraying his step-brother, again, Jason slowly begins to see that no one is perfect and you can’t be alone. He’s pushed his family away and used people, mostly women, to make himself feel better. If people let him walk all over them, why shouldn’t he? That’s always been his attitude but maybe it’s not right.

When his step-brother’s ex-girlfriend shows up, Jason can’t deny the pull he feels toward her. His one steamy night with her as a teenager pushed him toward the downward spiral he’s been on. He knows he should keep his distance. But he can’t seem to stay away from the pretty brunette. Corinne’s changed since they were seventeen. She’s no longer the spoiled brat out to be arm candy like her mother taught her. She sees something in Jason. Something he desperately wants to believe is real. When she pushes him to be better, he falls for her. His feelings for her are strong and he can’t ignore them forever. Once he gives in he gives it his all. He can only hope everyone is ready to see the real Jason Parker. Anger, betrayal, jealousy, and love. Jason and Corinne are only letting one shine through.

Stephanie: ★★★★

If you didn’t read Hushed, stop reading this review and go one-click it right now… The angst and drama from Hushed carries right on over into Revealed and it cannot be denied that this series is an edge of your seat read. Fighting between right and wrong and good and bad, this one is all on Jason. He just needs to figure it out, but asking for forgiveness from those he hurt the most seems next to impossible, especially since those that he hurt the most have a closer connection to him than most.

But Jason has been self destructing for so long, will he be able to find his way out of the darkness? Well… with Corinne’s help, maybe. Only problem with that is that she is Blake’s ex-girlfriend. Jason has such great potential to become the man he wants to be instead of the man his father is making him become. Corinne just isn’t going to deal with the drama. She has her own helping of it from her mom. I think her mom and his dad could maybe use a each other to find some balance in their parenting.

There is something special about Corinne and he just can’t lose sight of what he really wants. She makes him want to be a better person. She makes him want to overcome the ass that he has always been. She makes him want everything that he has always believed he wasn’t good enough to have. But in order to get everything he wants with the girl he really wants, he has to step it up in the game of life. He has to want to change, he has to want to fix what he broke.

I LOVED this book! The writing kept me waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because with Jason, it was bound to happen but I was an anxious mess waiting for it! I loved waiting to see what would happen with Jason and hoped that he could fix things with his step brother and end up with the girl. I had big hopes for this book!


Jason Wedding Teaser


“I doubt that’s true, honey. What happened with the girl you were dating last year?”

A harsh laugh that sounded a little more like a growl came from Blake’s spot across the table at the same time Tess gasped. Jason finally dared to raise his eyes and take them in. I should’ve stayed away. He was ruining something without even trying.

Blake moved his arm around Tess’ shoulders in a wholly possessive gesture. Tess just stared at him with wide eyes while he scrambled to come up with something to say to his mom that wouldn’t sound horrible and wouldn’t be a lie.

The tension around the table didn’t go unnoticed by David, though. He looked back and forth between the two sides of the table with narrowed eyes. He opened his mouth to speak as his gaze landed on Jason. His heart sank and he swallowed thickly. Admitting what an ass he’d been in front of his mom and one of the best men he knew but had also ignored wasn’t on his list of things to do.

Jason jumped when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it.” He stood quickly from his seat at the table and practically ran from the dining room. His quick steps echoed in the entry way and he heard murmurs behind him.

When he swung the door open and saw a petite brunette, he’d never been happier or more relieved. He breathed out harshly and gazed into Corinne’s hazel eyes. She smiled unsurely at him.

“Thank God you’re here.” The words slipped from his lips without thought but they were real. He felt his cheeks warm. When her eyes widened and a startled look settled on her face, he decided since he was making a complete ass of himself, he might as well do what he’d wanted to do since seeing her on the porch.

Jason reached out and pulled Corinne into his arms, wrapping her up tightly, pressing her against him, and breathing her in. His body relaxed and he finally felt like he was able to breathe normally. She laughed lightly and hugged him back.

“And I thought this would be awkward,” she mumbled against his chest.

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About Britni Hill

Britni is the author of Tears in the Rubble and From the Rubble which were originally released by Rebel Ink Press in 2012.  They have recently been combined and re-released as a second edition.  The first novel in her Western Palm series, Hushed, was released in March 2014.  Britni is a licensed cosmetologist and an admitted book addict.  She’s been writing and reading since she learned how.  Britni’s inspirations come from the world around her.  Her love of music, movies, art, and people watching spark her ideas and help give them shape. Britni’s become a constant slave to the characters screaming in her head.

To stay up to date or for more information follow Britni on Facebook or Twitter @thatbritnihill.

You can also visit her website or sign up for her mailing list.

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