Blog Tour & Review: Zane’s Choice (The Doms of Club Mystique 4) by Mardi Maxwell **GIVEAWAY**

Title: Zane’s Choice (The Doms of Club Mystique #4)
Author: Mardi Maxwell
Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM
Publication Date: August 5, 2014



Beautiful, curvy Ravyn Templeton saw Zane Ramsey in a BDSM club in Houston three years ago. He’s haunted her dreams ever since.

Zane is an Assistant District Attorney and co-owner of Club Mystique, the BDSM club he and his brothers built on their Texas ranch. When Ravyn’s ex-husband is arrested for trying to have her killed, the case is assigned to Zane.

The moment Zane meets Ravyn he wants her and even though he knows having an affair with her will jeopardize his career, he can’t resist her. When Ravyn’s ex-husband accuses her of laundering money for a drug cartel, and she refuses to answer Zane’s questions, he leaves her.

Fate in the form of Addison Ramsey steps in and brings them together again and again. Zane has the power to save Ravyn but only if he loves her enough to fight for her.

** A Siren Erotic Romance.


Now don’t go freaking out because I am only giving this book three stars. It was a well written book and it was intriguing and full of suspense. I liked it just fine. It was worth the read. I just didn’t feel connected to this book.

Zane is a DA, a part owner of a BDSM club, a night in shining armor, a Dom and I just did not like him. Zane and Ravyn met three years before and now she is on the Ranch looking for a little safety that these men can provide. But Zane is on the case that involves Ravyn so this is a complete conflict of interest.

This book had a lot going on in it. There were kidnappings and murder and drugs and sex… but I just didn’t feel like I understood why everything happened the way it did. Ravyn has all of these secrets, but if she would just share them maybe these guys could all help her. But her fears are preventing her from doing that and she almost pays the ultimate price for it.

This is all going on while she is desperate to be Zane’s sub. Zane keeps pushing her away and somehow they keep finding their way back to one another through such odd circumstances. And when the mystery begins to be solved, all bets are off when it comes to Zane and his family.

The family loves fiercely and they protect one another like no other and though I didn’t feel connected to the characters, I liked reading the story, as outrageous as it may be. There was so much drama taking place because of trust issues and non-communication. But if they would have just opened their mouths before the bad crap happened, this book would have been over before it began.

Now, I know this makes it sound like there is nothing redeeming about this book, but as I said, I did like the book. It definitely had enough drama and suspense and sexual tension, but when it came down to it, I just felt like it was a bit off. Zane was not nice to Ravyn throughout much of the book but she still felt so much for him and he was still so incredibly possessive of her. I was left a bit boggled by their strange relationship. But it did work for them.

She knew in order to save Holden, she was eventually going to have to turn herself in and her reasons for withholding so much information from the men was brave. But why she wouldn’t just tell Zane about Holden was another sticking point for me. I called the characters in this book a lot of names and I wanted to reach out and smack one or two of them on several occasion and the frustration I had with the characters was indeed one of the things I enjoyed about the book.

When Zane and Holden meet and form their bond, it actually stole my heart for a minute. It was a reminder that Zane was really a person with a heart instead of a man in love with a woman that he was willing to convict so easily.

This is a good book and it has a lot of angst and drama and I enjoyed the overall story. It was well written and has a great attention to detail, I just wish I had a better connection with the characters. That was really my big sticking point. I just expected more out of Zane and Ravyn’s characters.




 About Mardi Maxwell

I was born in Utah but I’ve traveled throughout America and lived in west Texas and the mountains of Colorado. I wrote my first erotic romance in the summer of 2013. It was accepted and published that same year. Since then I’ve written three more books in the Doms of Club Mystique series and I’m busy writing the fifth and final book in the series. My heroes are tough cowboys with military backgrounds and my heroines are strong, sassy and submissive. I put a lot of emotion in my books because I want the reader to fall in love with my characters and feel their pain and their joy. My characters also tend to show up in the next book in the series and every book has a twist of suspense and a happy ending.


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  1. Thank your for hosting Zane’s Choice. And, Stephanie, thank your for reading and reviewing the book.

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