Blog Tour: Long Way Home (Mangrove Island #1) by Neve Cottrell


The Boyfriend Bookmark: ★★★★

Tyler Barnes can’t believe his eyes when Alexis MacAdams walks back into his life. His high school crush left Mangrove Island seventeen years ago and never looked back. He’s held on to the memory of her, even though she never gave him a second glance. Now Alexis is back for the holidays and Tyler is determined to make a lasting impression before she slips away again. He soon learns, however, that her broken heart needs to heal before he has a chance to win it. Can Tyler convince her to risk her heart for a second time?  

Stephanie: ★★★★

Sometimes finding your way home is the best healing that can happen. But for Alexis, it will be a difficult journey. She is looking for strength to put her life back together and heal, but sometimes, finding forgiveness in the people and place that we run from is the hardest thing we can do. Alexis has to learn this the hard way.

A successful lawyer, Alexis has prided herself on being more than anyone thought she could be. She is strong and independent and has lost so much of who she is because of her determination to be better, to be successful. She has lost the most important people in her life and now she is struggling to find her life again. But sometimes starting over means going back to the beginning.

She knows she is going to have a battle on her hands. She knows it is not going to be easy, but she knows she has to face the people she walked away from to begin to heal. But what she wasn’t expecting was finding out all of her preconceived notions about her life and those that surrounded her were wrong all along.

She knew it was going to be hard, she knew she was going to have to pay the price for being away so long and she knew it was going to be a struggle. But when she walked into that bar, she had no idea what to expect from Tyler. She didn’t remember him from high school, but he never forgot her. Alexis has always been the one that got away, the uncatchable, the untouchable. But he has always had a thing for her.

Now I will say, the chemistry between these two is amazing and shines bright, but chemistry isn’t enough. Alexis has so much healing to do before she can even consider giving her heart away again. She has to find peace with the past and she has to learn to move forward from the unthinkable. She has to find that way, but sometimes the journey is worth the pain.

I fell in love with these characters from the beginning. Alexis was strong and determined on the outside with a thick shell… on the inside she was sad, lonely and broken. Putting the pieces of her life back together is not going to be easy but she wants that more than anything. Tyler is no quitter either. He had a soft edge to him that I adored. He didn’t push her or move too fast. He understood she needed time to heal and he was willing to wait another 17 years if needed.

This book is a great story of a journey to find oneself again and learning to love again. Before you think this is just one depressing story, it’s not. It is beautiful. It has wit and humor and love. It is about growing and moving forward. It is about finding out what will truly make you happy. It was a great read!



Neve Cottrell is an author of contemporary romance novels. Long Way Home is the first book in her series about the residents of Mangrove Island. Neve began weaving tales as soon as she could talk, walking away with the coveted “Best Storyteller” award in preschool and she’s been writing ever since. When she’s not crafting sexy heartthrobs and happily-ever-afters, she can be found indulging her need for reality TV and wistfully flipping through home and garden magazines. Neve lives near the beach with her family.



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