Hey… Hey You… Thank You!

Thankful Thursday

It’s time again for a Thankful Thursday! Today I wanted to take a moment to tell all of you that I appreciate you! November and December have been tough months for me medically so I haven’t been as active as I usually am, but I am so thankful each of you has continued to stick by The Boyfriend Bookmark! Each time I see a post or a comment you have made, it warms my heart.

First, I want to thank every author that has touched the pages of our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even our tsu! You all have meant so much to me! If it weren’t for you, the blog wouldn’t be here. But because of you, I love talking about books, telling people what I loved and what I could pass on. I have met some of you and I am dying to meet some of you (AHREN!). You have inspired so much in me and I love what I do with this blog, because you have given me so much to love!

I want to thank so many blogs out there. I never look at blogs as competition. For me they aren’t. We are all doing something that we love and if we support one another it makes it that much more memorable! I love and adore each blog that I have worked with and followed and those that follow us! You are all amazing people and you make this a fun experience!

I want to thank the PA’s, Street Teams and Book Clubs that give me so many suggestions and ideas of what to read. Though I can’t read everything that is thrown my way, I appreciate your diligence in getting me information and the support you give authors. Because in my world, this is all about them so the more support I see, the happier I am! I have to give a special shout out to two street teams in particular, Dragonfly Divas and the Collins Street Team, because you ladies are awesome! You have so much fun and your love for the authors you support is amazing! But your love and support of one another is inspiring!

Last, I want to thank all of you who love to read. Whether you are the occasional reader or the one that can’t be pried away from the pages, you make this all worth every moment. You share your thoughts, your insights and your favorites! I love the connection!

So today, is a shout out to everyone that has passed through, glanced at or follows religiously. You keep me going when I have a bad day, you inspire me to continue reading and blogging and you have become a special part of my life I don’t want to ever be without!



One response to “Hey… Hey You… Thank You!

  1. You’re welcome! 🙂 And thank you for having such a wonderful blog 🙂

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