Merry Christmas and Thankful Thursday all wrapped in one!


Today as we take time to celebrate with our family and friends, it is a great time to remember all the gifts that we have received through the year! For us at The Boyfriend Bookmark, we have been given so many great gifts and for that we celebrate today, Thankful Thursday…

Thankful Thursday

Thank you all for giving me the greatest gift of all, your support, strength and all of the amazing books you have shared with me throughout the year. You have recommended books to me, embraced the books I have loved and helped to make this one of my favorite places to share with you all! Thank you for that!

I am also thankful for all of the amazing authors that have shared their timeless effort and amazing stories with me, allowing me to share my passion for reading and my love of authors. Without the authors, I would not be doing this. I would be fuddling through life without all this amazing work at my finger tips to embrace and enjoy.

This has been a fabulous year for me and though it hasn’t been so easy to get through the end of it, I am thankful for every moment that I have been able to embrace. So today, I thank you, fellow bloggers, authors and readers alike! The greatest gift in my life is to share this love of books with amazing people!

Thank you and I wish each and every one of you a very joyous holiday no matter what or how you celebrate! I am taking time to celebrate you!

One response to “Merry Christmas and Thankful Thursday all wrapped in one!

  1. Merry Christmas!!

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