New Release & Review: Forever, Your Concierge (Concierge Series) by Jessica Ingro

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Title: Forever, Your Concierge (Concierge Series)

Author: Jessica Ingro




From the moment she said hello, Travis Hamilton knew without a doubt that Maya Harris was the one. Knowing how hard it is to make a relationship work, he’s ready to fight for them—no matter what trials and tribulations come their way. But what do you do when the woman you’re in love with refuses to move your relationship forward? When her secrets become too much to handle? How can you get her to trust you and take a chance on your future? Maya Harris gave up on love a long time ago. Past experience dictated that what seemed too good to be true, most certainly always was. There’s something about Travis Hamilton though that pushes her to the brink of change—teetering on the edge of giving in to their love and planning on forever. But past mistakes always have a way of rearing their ugly head and putting your future at risk. True loves and happily ever afters are anything but easy, and never a guarantee. Can love really overcome any obstacle? Can happiness truly come without any strings?

Stephanie’s Review

This book took my heart and stole my breath. It really didn’t give it back until the very end. I fell in love with Love, Your Concierge when I read that, but Forever, Your Concierge just completely blew me away. Travis knew what he wanted the moment he saw her. He knew that she was his game changer. He knew that she was his forever. She wanted all of those things too. But she wasn’t nearly as confident in a relationship with him as he was. Maya had secrets. She had a dark and dismal past. She escaped it and was working so hard to find her life. She gave up her passion for acting, she walked away from a man she thought she loved. She started over. But it was a lot easier when she had a past she could keep to herself. She didn’t have anyone to answer to,  anyone to love and protect her from her past. She didn’t have to worry about the secrets getting out of the closet. She wouldn’t let that happen. But… With Travis, that wasn’t ever going to be possible. He wanted to love her. He wanted to protect her. He wanted to be everything to her that she was to him. Travis became Maya’s everything. She loved him. But she was always afraid of her past catching up to her. Don’t get me wrong, I am not playing Maya off as a week woman who can’t handle tough times, in fact, she is quite the opposite. To hide so much pain and scarring on the inside from so many people that cared for her shows a kind  of strength that is hard to come by. She over came so much to find the man she is with now and to truly find the happiness she has always deserved. But let me just say, I also had a pretty deep connection with her character once the story moved further in. Even the strongest of loves and the deepest connections can be changed in an instant. Maya wanted to give everything to Travis that he wanted and she wanted to be everything he deserved. But life isn’t perfect, relationships are not perfect, but even in the hard times, the promise of love is always the strongest bond you can have with someone else. Trusting in that love can lead you through the dark moments and help you find the light at the end of the darkest tunnel. When I said this book just captured my heart, I typically cannot relate to the characters I read about. Though I love them or hate them, I don’t feel like I understand them all of the time. Though Maya had a past, it was the middle that I connected with the most. Finding the perfect man and wanting to give him everything and finding out it may never happen. It is the hardest thing I have ever experienced in my life and if it wasn’t for my husband’s endless devotion to us, my own story would have ended so differently. I found a hidden strength that through it all he was the light that got her through it. He loved her with all his heart and with out condition. They didn’t have the perfect love, but they had the perfect story. I love Jessica’s writing style and she is a definite must read for me, but this book was by far my favorite that I have read by her. It may have been the connection to the characters or the fact that I truly enjoyed every moment of reading this book, the ups and the downs, it was a real, raw, and emotional look at life. It was moving, touching and heartwarming, it was heartbreaking and painful… but it was so full of love that I just wanted more of their story. FYC Intro Graphic



When the car pulled up to my building, Travis helped me out and followed me in and up to my third floor apartment. At the door, I extricated my keys from my purse and turned to face him. His eyes blazed as he looked down on me, making my palms sweat and my heart race in anticipation of our first official kiss. When his head dipped, my breath caught. When his mouth touched mine, I instantly opened for him. When his tongue swept inside, I completely lost myself to the feel of it brushing mine as he explored me in the most sensual kiss I had ever had. His hands came up to frame my face. His head tilted and he deepened the kiss. My toes curled as heat swept through my body with a blinding fierceness. He broke the kiss far too soon and rested his forehead on mine. “Who knew a kiss could feel like this?” “I know,” I whispered. My eyes finally opening to take in his gorgeous face so close to mine. “Let me stay tonight, Maya.” The idea was oh so intriguing, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. We barely knew each other, and I didn’t want to move too fast. “Let’s take it slow, Travis,” I whispered, afraid he would get mad and that would be the end of what promised to be something completely amazing. “No longer the happiest man in the city, Maya,” he informed me and my stomach dipped at the rough and raspy sound of his voice. “Happiest man in the world.” “Trav—” “Goodnight, sweetheart. I’ll call you tomorrow.” He kissed my forehead and took a step back. “Goodnight, Travis.” I opened my door and turned back to look at him in front of the stairwell. He had the most endearing expression on his face, and I was pretty sure I fell in love with him right then.



Jessica is the author of the Love Square & Concierge series. She grew up in Central New York, where currently lives with her husband and three dogs. Her days are spent as a Security Analyst at an IT consulting company. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and developing ideas for her own stories. Writing is her secret passion that she’s been fostering since elementary school, when she wrote her first book about a puppy. It has always been a dream of hers to be able to share her stories with the world.


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