New Release: The Nightlife Moscow (The Nightlife Series #5) by Travis Luedke **GIVEAWAY and Review**

NL MOSCOWThe Nightlife Moscow

By Travis Luedke

Series: The Nightlife Series #5

Genre: Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Suspense

Publisher: Self Published

Release Date: January 20th 2015


The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.

Vampires Aaron and Michelle have landed in Moscow, on the prowl. In the company of a misfit pack of mercenary werewolves and Urvashi, a fallen angel, the vampires are forced into the violent, decadent underworld of Russian mafia, drugs and blood slaves.

This time the hunters have become the hunted.

Dmitri, a Russian vampire billionaire, sends his mafia goons to the streets, gunning for the wolf pack. Now they must bring the fight to Dmitri and face the ultimate battle for survival.

Experience the violent, sensual underbelly of Nightlife Moscow, as Aaron and Michelle mix up a wicked blend of sex, chaos, mayhem, and vengeance.

Get your copy of the latest urban fantasy – paranormal suspense novel from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Travis Luedke.


Just when I think Travis Luedke has done it all in The Nightlife Series of books I am corrected once again. You never know where Michelle and Aaron are going to end up or who is going to end up dead in one of his novels. More than that, you never know who is going to become addicted to Aaron and the powerful feeling of the bite.

Michelle, Aaron and Urvashi have found themselves on the dark side of Russia. But they are not alone in this one. They have an entire pack of werewolves by their side. One is Aaron’s blood slave and the rest are family. And hot damn if this book just doesn’t start out full of steam and vengeance.

Though this book can be read as a standalone, I would recommend the entire series so you have a thorough background of Aaron and Michelle. Though Aaron has only been in this world of chaos for four months, their journey seems to have lasted a lifetime.

I sat anxiously awaiting this book in the series, the power of the bite has become my addiction through this series. I cannot get enough of Michelle’s French foul language, Aaron’s wit and charm (yes, that is sarcasm). Then there’s Urvashi… that woman, a fallen angel, is constantly telling Aaron to trust her… why? She is sneaky and deceitful and he is powerless over her. He belongs to her.

I loved The Nightlife Moscow not only because it is a crazy train of power, strength, blood and gore, but because it shows us a lot of Aaron’s personality. I have really come to adore him and his smart-ass nature. He calls it like he sees it, though most of the time it is under his breath or only in his mind. But he stole the show for me.

Yes, there was the usual mix of drugs, power, fighting and death and of course sex. These vamps are just a bunch of horny creatures that can’t seem to get enough. Though the bite seems to tide them over in most cases. Ad in the freak Dmitri, who controls the Russian underground world of all of this mayhem, and you have a nightmare waiting to happen.

Here is what I loved about it, Aaron knows what he wants in his future and who he wants that future with, but no matter what the poor guy does, he gets anything but that. A little jail time, some murders and the deal of the century…millennium… um… eternity… whatever, he has to make the deal or he will not survive much longer. He wasn’t born into this world, but it he is learning to adapt.

Aaron now has a harem of need and want around him. His heart belongs to two of them, his soul to another and now he is needed by more blood slaves to survive. Throw in a child and you have one whacked out world where only the strong, the brave, the vampires and werewolves survive. You have The Nightlife. And in The Nightlife Moscow, anyone can be bought, souls can be sold and no one seems to escape unharmed.

As I have said many times before, Travis writes with such a unique blend of violence, sex and control. These books surprise me each and every time I read them and I am not sure if I will ever get enough of Travis Luedke’s work. Masterfully executed writing that will leave you wondering what direction the story will take next. Travis writes with passion and it bleeds (ha!) through in his characters and storyline. I cannot wait for more!


A Love-Hate Relationship

“Wake up you bloody leech. I need a fucking bite already.”

Katya’s insistent voice dragged Aaron from a deep, satisfying sleep. She nipped at his ear, a playful imitation of what she expected from him. His eyes opened to her pointy little face framed by dark brown hair that brought out the intense hazel color of her eyes brimming with endless need. For him.

She sat curled up beside him on the king-sized hotel bed, no shirt or bra. Her dark nipples, rock hard in the evening chill, invited him to taste her delicate flesh. He grinned in satisfaction. He enjoyed Katya’s constant need. Having a beautiful woman waiting to be served as dinner – begging for his taste – inspired a feeling of power. His fingers circled her nipple and her eyes dilated. Her golden gaze flicked to the vampire goddess sleeping at Aaron’s side.

Katya scrunched up her nose. “Not with Michelle here.”

He licked his lips, and Katya’s eyes tracked his tongue. He dug past the block in her mind with his telepathic probe. She needed him, like a heroin addict needs a fix. She craved the sensation of his teeth piercing her skin, and the wonders of his venom. Her need floated heavily between them and Aaron’s growing erection pushed up the bed covers.

His fingers slipped into the waistband of her jeans. “You’re overdressed.” Deftly, he undid the top button of her pants and pulled down the zipper. He slid his fingers past her cotton panties into the soft down of her pubic curls. Juicy goodness met his questing fingers.

She tried to stop him, her hand on his, but he yanked her down into a hug, bringing her neck into his waiting teeth.

Instead of fighting him, she growled in his ear. “Yes! That’s what I need. Give it to me, now.” The razor points of his teeth dipped into her neck while his two fingers curled up inside her wet warmth.

Her pelvis jerked on his hand, and in seconds she began helping him remove her jeans and panties. Without disturbing his deep-seated bite, or his solid grip on her pussy, Katya stripped off her last bit of clothing. She normally didn’t like being intimate around Michelle, regardless of the fact Aaron slept beside his blonde vampire lover daily, but Katya was in no mood to stop.

Vampire venom, the strongest narcotic known to man, coursed through her body. She shook and moaned in ecstasy. She kicked off his bed covers and gripped his waiting cock. He barely pulled his fingers out of her before she guided him into her slick, hot channel.

He unclamped his bite as she gushed in orgasm, wetting his balls with her release. “Shite! Damn you, Aaron!” Theirs was a love-hate relationship. She loved his cock and his teeth, couldn’t find the will power to deny him, and hated herself, and him, for it.

Katya grunted hard and hunched down to grind him deep inside her, pushing him right where she wanted him. She gasped as she found that special spot. Her eyes turned a deep gold, and the scent of her wolf filled the air as the beast prowled just under her skin. He loved that animal quality of her personality, especially when she relaxed and truly enjoyed their rare moments together. Catching one-on-one time with his werewolf bloodslave had become increasingly difficult since their arrival in Moscow two weeks ago.

Aaron held her hips trapped in place and pounded his cock into Katya, loving the bounce of her breasts as he hit her limit over and over. She was more fragile than his vampire lover, but not by much. Suddenly, cool, pale hands with lacquered, rosy nails slid around Katya from behind to cup her breasts and tweak her nipples. Katya’s confused eyes searched Aaron for a second, looking down at her own chest and the strangeness of this extra set of hands.

Michelle’s French purr rumbled as she nuzzled into Katya’s neck. “I just love waking up to a fresh meal.” She bit down hard and Katya screamed in hate and ecstasy.

His bloodslave had made it very clear she was Aaron’s chew toy, Aaron’s alone. But Aaron read Michelle’s hunger clearly in her mind as she slurped up Katya’s rich blood. His vampire lover simply couldn’t keep away from this delicious little wolf.

Aaron had to admit, Katya tasted far better than the average human. Her stronger, richer blood provided a unique rush of power. He knew there’d be hell to pay for Michelle taking advantage of Katya, but in this moment, balls deep inside her, he didn’t care. The consequences would come soon enough, so he came first.


Praise for The Nightlife Series

“Fast paced, no holds-barred, gripping, gut-wrenching, soul-ripping and most definitely tear-inducing. Perfection!”

“You know when you see a violent or bloody scene in a movie and you cover your eyes for a couple of seconds until it has past? I caught myself doing that with this book, then I realized that the lines were not going to go away until I read them.”

“I love that we have strippers, prostitutes, sluts, and Mr. Luedke is unapologetic about it…Nightlife gives it to us in spades.”

“Mr. Luedke once again showcasing his considerable talent for crafting erotic, action-packed, supernatural thrillers that leave the reader saying “Wow!”

“A no-holds-barred, easy-to-read romp that mixes fantasy, suspense, horror and erotica, and does it well.” 

The Nightlife Series novels are Adult Paranormal Romance ~ Urban Fantasy Thriller: 

travis luedke#1 THE NIGHTLIFE NEW YORK


travis luedke 3#2 THE NIGHTLIFE LAS VEGAS


travis luedke 5#3 THE NIGHTLIFE PARIS


travis luedke 2#4 BLOOD SLAVE (stand-alone novel in the series)


travis luedke 4#5 THE NIGHTLIFE LONDON






travis luedke 6#8 THE NIGHTLIFE SAN ANTONIO (stand-alone novel in the series)


Young Adult novels by TW Luedke

(Travis Luedke)

tw shepTHE SHEPHERD (YA Paranormal)


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Travis Luedke is a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance, best known for his violently sexy NIGHTLIFE SERIES. Travis can be found catching a third degree sunburn in San Antonio, Texas, while plotting world domination through erotic paranormal badassary.

As the author of the Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives very vicariously through his writings. He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned: The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.

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