Review: Accept This Dandelion by Brooke Williams


Brooke Williams

Accept This Dandelion

Release Date: February 4th, 2015

accept this dandelion coverBlurb

Renee Lockhart has her eye on a lofty goal…to fill the open position of morning radio show host on a nearby secular station. When her co-workers sign her up for a local TV version of “the Bachelor,” Renee goes along with it in order to raise her profile. Ben McConnell, one of the most eligible bachelors in town, insists that Renee be placed on the show, despite her bumbling audition. Ben gets much more than he expected in Renee. He gets a girl who doesn’t bow to his every whim…and a girl who opens his eyes to true, unexpected love. Enjoy a local version of the popular “Bachelor” TV show…where nothing can go right for Renee!



He’s the most sought after bachelor in town. She is a disc jockey trying to get ahead in the business. He is looking to someone to give his heart to, she is looking for a little exposure. When he lets his guard down and she realizes this is more than just a career move, all bets are off and you don’t know whose going to end up with that last flower (or weed as it may be).

We are all weeds, but in a full field, they are so beautiful. When Ben decided to do this show, it wasn’t only to see if he could find “the one,” it was also to help change how he is viewed in the pubic eye. What he doesn’t expect is for the girl who looked at a dandelion as something beautiful. But she captured his eye during the casting of the show so much that he insisted that they change the name of the entire show. She had no idea who the bachelor would be but she knew this would be great exposure to help her career and the risk was worth taking.

But on their initial meeting, there is no way he would keep her… the awkward dancing, the flames just can’t be extinguished. There is something special between the two of them but there are 12 contestants…

Oh yeah, did I mention this is just like the bachelor with the petty money hungry women. But no one expected Renee… she broke the rules, twisted things around and was out of control on the track. But it made for the most interesting television this town has seen…

Now, I will be the first to admit, I haven’t watched the actual television show in years, but I may just have to go back to it. It is a great reminder at how “normal” is good and how much it is who I am. It is also exactly who Renee is. She isn’t going to feed off the frenzy and she isn’t going to do anything that makes her uncomfortable. Through it all she is going to remain true to herself and for that she may cost the guy.

This is a fun and flirty read and Ben and Renee just have a special magic about them. It doesn’t quite make it to the top of my I will read this again list, I did enjoy it. It was a sweet twist on reality tv.






There are plenty of days when I feel like I am “just a mom,” but I fully believe there is NO such thing as “just a mom.” Moms are so important and there is so much to each and every one of us. Writing is a huge part of my life and I hope that it brings as much enjoyment to others as it has brought to me. Thank you for stopping by the page and reading a little bit about me and my passion for writing. I hope to hear from you and I hope, more than anything, that you enjoy what my girls have allowed me time to write.



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