Review: Whiteout (Three’s Allowed Series #1) by Laura Harner



Cade’s had a crush on Christina since grade school, but never thought she’d give him the time of day. When he spies her in an adult bookstore eyeing his favorite display, he realizes they might have more in common than he thought.

Cade tells his best friend and roommate about Christina, only to discover Carter’s interest in him isn’t exactly platonic anymore. What’s a guy to do? How about spending a hot winter weekend making everyone’s fantasies come true?


Wow! This is a short read for me and it is a new-to-me author and let me just say this is one hot book. I struggled with the length of this book because sometimes the shorter books leave me wanting. This left me wanting to buy all of her books from Amazon. It was a quick read, steamy and had a bit of its own drama.

There is a big storm about to hit. Christina knows she needs to stock up and be prepared to spend the weekend in her cabin alone. Her last stop before she closes the door on the outside world is to an adult bookstore to buy some necessities to get through the weekend. She may be alone, but she still has needs. But when she exits the store and sees his truck, she is a bit mortified. She has known Cade since they were children and now he knows she was just in that store.

But when Cade saw the display that she was looking at, all bets were off and the game plan for Christina’s weekend has changed drastically. She just doesn’t know it yet. But there is another factor at work here… Carter.

Carter is Cade’s best friend and roommate… lately, Cade has become more to Carter. Carter just doesn’t know how to tell him. So this weekend it is all in for these three. Fulfilling fantasies, learning that what is right for some just isn’t enough for others.

This book is a hot read. It is steam and holds a little tension and a lot of passion. It is a great read and a quick one. But it has added another author to my library that I will read more of for sure.



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