Review: Without You by Reylynn Purdue



Roxanne Daniels was supposed to be spending her summer getting ready to head off to Julliard. That was the plan.

But that was before– Before she found her mother’s lifeless body– Before she walked in on her boyfriend in bed with someone else. Before she knew what heart shattering pain felt like.

Now all she wants is for the pain to go away. But it never does.

Until him. A complete stranger who could end up being much more.

But letting go and moving on is easier said than done.


Let me just say this book is full of emotional turmoil. I loved it… don’t get me wrong, but when the ending hit I was left struggling for more. This book is pure, it’s raw and it is heartbreaking in every way possible. But it did the one thing I hope from all books I read, it kept me captivated. It struck a nerve. I have never wanted a character to succeed in the healing process and at the same time I wanted the same character to be hurt in the end but everything she puts herself through.

Roxanne is struggling really badly when we first meet her. Her mother is gone, she is in despair and she found her boyfriend cheating on her (with her best friend) the day of her mother’s funeral. This girl struggles to get through day by day. The struggle just keeps getting harder and harder. She has lost her will to fight. But then something happens.

Then one day she meets a complete stranger who will change everything in her world. He helps her through the pain of the past and helps her find hope for the future. Though Roxanne’s struggle seems to ebb and flow through the majority of the book, she is deeply scarred from the past. Can Jordan be the one to fix that or will the two men that have been her constant be the people she needs to get her through it?

I am still convinced the brother’s BFF is in love with Roxanne but won’t act on it because of this unwritten rule that her big brother has about her dating his friends. Her brother, oh my, he is a pain in the ass from the beginning. He is protective of his little sister to a fault. Despite having her best interests at heart, I think he does more harm than good and her father… well… he never has been much of a figure in her life and perhaps that is the reason for her overbearing brother’s mean nature towards her. But she wouldn’t trade these two guys in for the world.

Now let’s talk about the creepy ex that ran off with her friend… well hell… he is his own kind of nutcase. But you really don’t know what he is capable of.  OK… now with all these men in her life, you would think that Roxanne would be able to find the one thing she is so desperate for…love. But when one gives her everything, another shatters it. It is an emotional tug of war for her.

But I can’t help but think that she is better than all of this drama that she is letting herself get in the middle of. She has a bright future, but finding love starts on the inside. She has to find a way to find love within herself before she will be able to love anyone else. As I said, emotional from beginning to end.

Now one thing I absolutely loved was her best friend and sidekick. That girl is kick ass. Not only does she have her own life to live, but she has the strength and compassion to help Roxanne find hers.

This book ended way too quickly for me (which is kind of funny because it is a longer than normal kind of book). I cannot wait for more of this story. I need to know what happens after the summer ends! This is a great book and it had my attention from beginning to end. I am anxious to read more from Reylynn Purdue!




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