Review: Angel 6.0 Concubine by Travis Luedke

angel 60

My name is Angel, and I live on Nugene Station. My days are filled with doctor’s tests, but I spend my nights dancing in zero G, or in the arms of my secret lover, Carver Liddell.

Nugene is the sole outpost orbiting Jupiter where specially engineered human clones are bred for sale to The Gran, a fierce alien race of Cats. The treaty between humanity and the Cats guarantees a constant supply of worker drones.

I am not a worker drone. I am something else. I am the untapped potential of the human genome. I am the next step in human evolution.

The Cats finally noticed me, they know I am special. Now they want me. They want to breed me. Silly Cats, don’t they know clones are sterile?

Nugene is only the beginning of my story.

The Series

Born of illegal experimentation on the human genome, I’ve been taken for a ride across the galaxy, enslaved to the warlike race of Cats called The Gran. They think I’m some kind of upgrade, a new slave stock to be bred.

Though many would resent me for the decisions I have made, they never experienced my struggle to find love and meaning in a world where I do not belong.

A freak of nature, the humans don’t want me.

Far more valuable than they could ever know, the Cats don’t appreciate me.

Lost in the conflict between two galactic empires, the pirates can’t save me.

Standing at the center of an interstellar war, the Earth Defense Council never saw me coming.

I am Angel 6.0 and this is the dark, wicked, violent tale of my life.


Well… if you have books by Travis Luedke, you have probably come to expect certain things from his work… like vampires and crazy addictive erotic scenes in a crazy dark world somewhere on the planet Earth. This is so not that.
Well kind of…
One thing I have discovered with Travis is to always expect the unexpected. Angel 6.0: Concubine was certainly an unexpected surprise for me to read. It is still Travis though: dark, twisty and erotic. But this is part one in a new time, place and a new breed of characters in a whole other dimension in time and space.
What on Earth am I talking about? Well, let’s start there… this book starts in Nugene. It is an outpost orbiting Jupiter. But then you end up in a different solar system all together by the time all is said and done.
Angel is a beautiful clone of a human of course, she has been altered and has her own quirky personality. Like the dancing… Ok, I am a little jealous of the dancing. That just sounds fun. But she is a woman that has special attributes. She cannot reproduce but the Gran doesn’t know that. She is not like all of the others that are created. She is unique. But when being seen changes everything in her world, we see a true blend of all she is capable of and all she desires.
When the Gran spot her, they really want her. They know she is special and there is something about her.
Now… the Gran… this crazy ass blend of a human cat creature… what the hell are they really? I don’t know but I know they are not good. There is something innately wrong with them. They are mean creatures that enslave so many worker drones. Knowing that they cannot reproduce with her, they will find one that can, they want many of her.
I was so intrigued when I found out about this story. I couldn’t fathom how Travis was going to make it happen and really if aliens and space creatures were really my thing…
It is hot, it is steamy and it is a crazy train, hop on and enjoy the ride. As Travis Luedke does with most everything he writes, he pushes the boundaries for me. What I would read and what I would enjoy. Even though I am in no way a big fan of the sci-fi genre per se, I found my self submerged in the pages of this saga.
Travis once again captured my attention and weaved a tale full of crazy that just begged to be embraced. The characters are a unique blend of crazy and the plot is incredible. I wasn’t sure if I could do the sci-fi erotic blend but the way the worlds collide is passionate and exciting! I was captivated by the writing and the wit and a whole new cast of characters. I immediately fell in love with the story and wanted more.
Now, the part that I am going to have to learn to embrace is the different parts. This is just the beginning of the erotic and tumultuous plot and I want to know what happens next. The best part of Angel 6.0 is that as soon as the windows steam up, you can take a break, catch your breath and wait for the next installment. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that when I started reading it. But now I can tell you, I am glad I will not have to wait long for the next segment of Angel’s story!



Travis Luedke is a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance, best known for his violently sexy NIGHTLIFE SERIES. Travis can be found catching a third degree sunburn in San Antonio, Texas, while plotting world domination through erotic paranormal badassary.

As the author of the Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives very vicariously through his writings. He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned: The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.

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