Review & Book Blast: Vicious Cycle by Katie Ashley

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20622381Title: Vicious Cycle
Author: Katie Ashley
Series: A Vicious Cycle Novel 1
Genre: Motorcycle Club Romance
On Sale Date: June 2, 2015
Publisher: Penguin
Imprint: Signet
ISBN: 0451474910
Print Length: 328 pages
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New York Times bestselling author Katie Ashley revs up the danger and sexual tension in her brand-new Vicious Cycle romance series.

Deacon Malloy’s life is dedicated to the Hells Raiders motorcycle club. Tough, hard, and fast with his fists, he serves the group as sergeant at arms. But his devil-may-care approach to life is thrown for a loop when the five-year-old daughter he never knew existed lands on the club steps.

Alexandra Evans is devoted to all her students—but there’s always been something about Willow Malloy that tugs at her heart. There’s an aura of sadness about her, a girl in need of all the love Alexandra can give. When Willow stops coming to school, Alexandra’s search leads to a clubhouse full of bikers…and a father hell-bent on keeping his daughter always within sight.

The moment Deacon sees Alexandra, he has to have her in his bed—and he’s never met a woman yet who couldn’t be persuaded. No matter how attracted she is to Deacon, Alexandra refuses to be just another conquest. But it’s Deacon himself who could be seduced—into a brighter future for himself, his daughter, and the woman he’s falling for against all odds.



I have a love-hate relationship with MC books, some days I can’t get enough of them and on others, I have had too much of them. But no matter what mood I am in, Vicious Cycle by Katie Ashley is one I would love regardless. This book is raw, powerful and full of angst, drama, heat and passion. Mix in an adorable little girl in a pink tutu and you have something truly special.

Deacon’s life revolves around the Hell’s Raiders motorcycle club. He has seen the worst of the worst, committed the worst of the worst and gotten revenge on those who deserve it the most. One thing he has never had is the one thing that he uses against the enemy. He has never had a family of his own. Yes, he has brothers in the club and his adoptive parents that took him in when everything in his life went to hell and he would sacrifice anything for any of those people. But he doesn’t have an old lady and no children… he is a hard ass and hides everything else really well.

When he is least expecting it, his world is going to shift out from under him and he can only do one thing. Go with it. When his daughter is deposited inside the compound one day, Deacon is in disbelief. What daughter? He didn’t even know he had one, but this little angel standing in front of him looks just like him and has seen enough torture and pain in her life. Why is he just now finding out he has a daughter? Can he truly step up to the plate and become a dad or will his past be too much to overcome to look after his little child and give her a loving home and family? He doesn’t know if he can do any of those things, but one thing he knows is that he will never stop looking out for her.

Enrolling her in school truly is the best thing that could have ever happened because when little Willow finds the kindergarten teacher who looks like her little angel she carries around, she immediately bonds with her. There is a deeper connection between these two and it is undeniable. But when Miss Alex becomes concerned because her little Willow friend and student doesn’t show up for school a few days in a row, she pays the father a visit.

That one visit is going to change everything in Deacon’s world. His world is set in a tailspin because of the instant attraction to Alexandra, but he knows nothing will ever happen between the two of them because he will not allow it. She is so pure and innocent and truly knows nothing about the biker world. But in a matter of weeks when she begins schooling Willow, everything she knows about bikers and what they represent is thrown out the window because she sees so much more in Deacon.

It took me a while to decide if I thought Deacon was book boyfriend material or not. Beyond rough around the edges, I had to find a reason to find him admirable. I had to find a connection to him to make his character become more than a bad boy (man) biker in a club where bad things happen. But the moment Willow entered the picture and the hesitation of becoming a parent wore off, there was something special about Deacon that just made my heart happy. He was someone that could change, even if he didn’t want to admit it. He just needed a push in the right direction to find out how much he was willing to change.

Alexandra was the exact opposite of Deacon in everyway. So if the old adage rings true, no matter how completely opposite the two were, they were going to be attracted to one another. But when Alex does something so completely out of the norm, I was left in shock. She too could make the devil smile when necessary.

Willow, sweet Willow… this child stole my heart from the word go. And her Christmas Angel that she held so close in the darkest times, would help her to find her light again. After everything she saw and everything she witnessed, this child just completely melted me. If Willow didn’t affect Deacon, then absolutely no one would be able to.

This book is a blend of touching and tempting. It is love and passion. It is anger and frustration. It is a perfect blend on those moments that make you cringe and the moments that steal your heart. I fell in love with this MC book and I would recommend these rough and tough bikers to even my most innocent friends!


As I entered the door, I took a deep breath to try and still my out-of-control nerves. Smoke hung heavy in the air, stinging my eyes and causing me to cough. Several men in leather biker cuts lounged on stools at the bar, nursing beers. Across from me, a heated pool game was taking place.

I took a few steps inside and then froze. “Are you lost, darlin’?” a big busted woman in a halter top asked.

“Uh…I’m looking for David Malloy,” I said.

Two men at the pool table whirled around. The shorter of the two, a tough but cute looking blond, cocked his head curiously at me. But then the moment my gaze locked on the other man, I knew he was Willow’s father. They had the same dark hair, soulful dark eyes, and heart-shaped face. David, however, had dark scruff covering his face. Although he was Rev’s brother, I didn’t see any resemblance between the two. Although he was shorter and slightly less built, David was just as good-looking as Rev. “Mr. Malloy?” I questioned, as I closed the distance between us.

He tossed the pool stick on the table. Taking a long drag on his cigarette, he then stubbed it out in an ashtray on the table. “What do you want?” he demanded.

Without even glancing around the room, I knew that every eye in the place was on us. “I really need to speak with you for a moment.”

His dark eyes narrowed as they raked over my body. Then the next thing I knew, he leapt at me, knocking me back into the wall. One of his hands came to grip my throat while his body pinned me in place. Fear like I had never known overwhelmed me, sending my heartbeat drumming wildly in my ears. It was so loud it felt like a cannon blast going off around me. “Please,” I murmured.

David glared at me as his thumb pressed harder into my throat. “They’re really falling down on their job at the academy.”

“E-Excuse m-me?” I stammered.

With a smirk, he replied, “Don’t they train you ATF bitches to hide your fear a little better? I mean, you’re practically pissing your pants right now, not to mention your heart is beating ninety to nothing.”

I shook my head slowly back and forth as I tried processing his words. “ATF? I don’t understand.”

He rolled his eyes. “A white-bred piece of ass comes waltzing into my clubhouse wanting to talk to me alone. It doesn’t take a fucking genius to realize you’re a Fed.”

A Fed? It took me a moment to process what he meant. Holy shit, he thought I worked for the government as an agent of some sort. Quickly, I replied, “No, I’m not.”

A voice came from him. “Deacon, man, you’re gonna get your ass jacked up even further for this.”

Glancing over his shoulder, Deacon said to the young, blond haired man, “Stay out of this, Bishop.”

Bishop held up his hands. “Fine. It’s your fucking funeral.”

David’s hand slid down my throat to the buttons on my dress. Glancing over his shoulder at the others, he questioned, “What do you bet she’s wired up under her tits?”

When his hands started to rip open my dress, I couldn’t hold back my scream. “No, stop! I’m not who you think I am. I swear!” I protested.

“Then just who the hell are you?” he demanded.

Before I could answer, a tiny voice came from behind us. “Miss Alex?”

The sound of Willow’s voice caused David to release his hold on my dress, but his body still kept me pinned to the wall. At that same moment, Rev entered the clubhouse. When he saw me, his eyes bulged, and he broke into a run to reach us. Grabbing David’s shoulders, he slung him away from me. “For fuck’s sake, Deacon, what the hell are you doing?”

“I’m giving this undercover ATF bitch what she deserves,” Deacon spat, taking a step back toward me.

“Christ, she’s not ATF,” Rev countered.

“Oh, then who the hell is she?”

“She’s my teacher…and my friend,” Willow answered in a small voice.


About the Katie Ashley


Katie Ashley is the New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Best-Selling author of The Proposition Series, Runaway Train Series, as well as several New Adult and Young Adult titles. Her latest series, Vicious Cycle, has been picked up for publication by Penguin Books.

She lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her two very spoiled dogs. She has a slight obsession with Pinterest, The Golden Girls, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy, Downton Abbey, Designing Women, and Scooby-Doo.

With a BA in English, a BS in Secondary English Education, and a Masters in English Education, she spent 11 1/2 years educating the Youth of America aka teaching MS and HS English until she left to write full time in December 2012.

She is represented by Jane Dystel of Dystel and Goderich Literary Management.


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