New Release & Review: Scarred by Elizabeth Montgomery

Title: Scarred 

Author: Elizabeth Montgomery

Genre: YA Romance

Release Date: June 26, 2015


For those of us who come into the world different, we see it for what it really is.


Avery Chamberlin is special, unique. Beautiful words to gloss over the fact that she is different. She has never felt like she fit in. Why should she? 

She was reminded on a daily basis that she was not like her peers. 

Flawed. Damaged. A freak.

Avery will have to come out of her shell to prove that even the bullies have their own insecurities.


This is a short book but it has a very valuable lesson within the pages. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, kindness always wins in the end. If you are stuck on the superficial, your life will be superficial, but even the biggest of bullies can be hiding more pain that you are willing to acknowledge. By throwing it another direction or at someone else, perhaps you might just be trying to deal with your own insecurities, though it doesn’t make it right, it can change everything just as easily as your life can change in an instant.
Avery has never been popular, but she has never been alone. She has that one friend she know she can count on no matter what. But her life hasn’t been easy either. She has been the target of another classmate since the beginning. She tries her hardest not to let it get to her and she tries to avoid the big confrontation with her bully, but some days it is just easier to deal with than others.
But when you find out someone who you thought was one of the bullies, was only doing what he could to protect you, it’s a hard reality to face and to accept. Is it all a front leading up to a big attack or could that person honestly be interested in you? Were they really trying to look out for you or are they playing a game with you?
Avery has so much she has to deal with in this book, but the way she handles everything right down to karma at the end, she handles in a much more adult way than you would imagine.
This book has a powerful message in it that sticks with you. No matter what side of the coin you are on. Avery is such a strong person despite all that life has thrown at her and it is her strong character that I really rallied behind.
This book has a great lesson in it and though I really wanted more of the story, the point was clear and was well told. It touches everyone of us that have had our share of “mean girls.” Sometimes, the outcome and the ending is the best thing that could happen.
My only wish is that there was more of it. That we were able to look into the characters a little deeper and see what they were each feeling a lot more than what we did. It is a good read, I don’t want to take away from that, I just wanted more from it.



The halls were crowded with kids trying to get to class, but one person stood out in the crowd as she always did. Harper Sloan. The bane of my existence. I learned early on in middle school that she came from the upper crust, but her love was bought by her alcoholic mother and absent father. She was beautiful, popular, and I’m pretty sure she could wipe her butt with hundred dollar bills if there was no toilet paper.


Walking into class, I saw the one person I wished would just move out of the state, Harper. She was draped over my desk. Our English teacher thought it was a good idea to assign seats in tenth grade. It had not been conducive to my fading-into-the-crowd plan since my desk was toward the front of the room.


“Can you remove your butt from my desk please?” I asked as sweetly as I could.


“Aww, what’s wrong, Scarface? Didn’t bring your guns?” she asked with a bogus frown and then doubled over laughing. She had called me Scarface ever since I could remember. One of the downfalls to growing up in a small town: everyone knows everyone. Forever.


“What are you talking about, Harper?” I asked, dropping my backpack to the ground beside the desk.


“Don’t you get it? Scarface…guns…Al Pacino.” Her head tilted to the side like a confused puppy. “Whatever,” she said as she rolled her eyes. “I heard you’re coming to Blake’s party?” she asked, crossing her legs across the desk.


“Who told you that?” I was starting to get annoyed, but I didn’t want to push her; she was ruthless and would tear me to shreds in a public humiliation scene. 


“Well, Blake himself, silly. I think he likes you.” She had a southern twang in her voice and a pageant smile plastered across her face.


“That’s nice. Can I have my desk back please? Class is about to start and you wouldn’t want a smudge on that perfect image you have, would you?” I winked at her as she wrinkled up her face at me before grabbing my backpack and dumping its contents on the floor. Flipping her hair over her shoulder, she walked away like nothing happened. 


Author Elizabeth Montgomery was born in Williamsburg, Virginia and raised a hop, skip, and a jump away in Yorktown, Virginia. Paranormal inspiration was easily obtained during her childhood in these colorful towns. This helped to spur her love of Paranormal romance stories, but she also enjoys reading YA and NA.


She is currently raising four children and a husband while elbow-deep in the depths of the writing cave. You can often find her searching on Google for an appropriate, or sometimes inappropriate, photo to insert in any random conversation. If not on Google, or Facebook chat, she can be found drinking coffee (like any normal writer), eating Gummy Bears, baking fanciful cakes, reading (of course), or writing (duh).


“I always wondered what authors meant when they said that their characters tell them what to write – I get it now!”




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