New Beginnings at The Boyfriend Bookmark

I know it is a little late for a what did you do during your summer vacation post.  But now that football is on the television and school is back in, my vacation is finally over. I am back! I will be here on regular basis.

I know I left without warning but it was time to take a break. It was a time to re-group to get some other things done in my life that I have been neglecting and well, to take vacations! It was a downtime for me and it was a break I felt I needed to take.

Blogging has always been something special to me. I love connecting with authors and readers and talking about books because, well… BOOKS! Something started to shift in me a few months ago and I felt like I was drowning on a blog. I started feeding into all of the negativity on social media about blogs and authors and I really started to think of this as a chore and not something I was passionate about.

Here’s the thing, I am passionate about this. I love reading, I love talking about the books, I love my authors and I love author stalking. I love meting people and connecting through the mutual love of books. That is when I decided I needed a break. But I didn’t stop reading and I didn’t stop author loving… I just took a break from the social media aspect and tried to come up with a way to please everyone, all of the time… but what I discovered, is that is never going to happen.

I am one person with a full time job, a part time hobby that I am making money with and a household to run. I am never going to be everything to everyone! So I decided to refocus the blog and make it what I want. I want to blend the new in with the old. The authors that I love with the authors that I don’t know.

So what else did I do with all that time off?

Let’s start with the highlight of my life… For 20 years, I have been lusting after Kenny Chesney. He is my hall pass. I have always connected with his music and I have always loved on him… well… two weeks before his big concert in Denver, I was informed by a co-worker that I was going to meet him. WAIT!!! WHAT??? I have always felt very fortunate to work in the radio industry. However, the group of stations I work for does not have a country station. So it has always been a pipe-dream to meet Kenny Chesney. That’s not to say I am not fortunate enough to meet others, I know I have met some truly amazing people during my career, but there is always that one musician that just speaks to the heart. Kenny is mine… I have a co-worker that knows someone who knows someone… you know how the story goes… but when he asked who my guest would be I kind of fell off the chair… So when the big concert hit, I was completely in awe. I knew he was waiting behind  that wall…

i love kenny

So when it happened, I did what any true fan-girl would do… I froze, started to cry and got an extra hug… duh…

i love kenny 3

But I met him, holding back the tears for the photo and all… but each moment was worth it… even the moment when the snarky lady that went ahead of me in line got upset because my autograph was personalized with some love… she just got an autograph… Let’s not read too much into that… I know I am all kinds of special, even my husband only got a scribble of his name for an autograph!

i love kenny 2

And there it is… the ultimate highlight! I mean… that’s not all I have been up to… we went on a family vacation on a Disney Cruise (which was a big deal because I do not love Mickey Mouse–and you wouldn’t either if he gave you chicken pox at the age of three!)

i don't love mickey

Oh did I mention, I had to run home from the concert, wash my new shirt and get ready to catch a flight the next day?

So where did we go? We hopped on the Disney Wonder and headed North To Alaska…

We saw Icebergs…

IMG_3145 IMG_3229

Whales…IMG_3828 STA70602

I even let our amazing waiter, Ritesh, order my entire meal, not once, but twice!


Before we flew back home, we stayed in Vancouver and I did the most important part of this entire trip… I went to these places…

IMG_4034 IMG_4035 IMG_4200 IMG_4040

Ok… now I know enough of you know why I went to these locations… did not have enough time to head over to the hardware store… but I think that is just an excuse I will use to go back…

Oh and I am just getting warmed up… after we went to the northernmost state, we decided to head to the southernmost… which led us straight to the Florida Keys.

Our neighbors were married in Key Largo…

salty sea

After that we went even further south to Key West so I could enjoy nine pieces of heaven… I mean, Key Lime Pie…

my my my

After I had my fill of Key Lime Pie, we set sail on a sunset cruise in Key West…


And when I saw this, I was never so thankful that authors have laptops and desktops and so much modern technology… Imagine if we had to wait for the book to be published after it was written on one of these… just like Hemmingway?


I think that is good to remember the next time you are waiting impatiently for your favorite author to hit publish! I know it certainly put things in perspective for me…

And that is what I did with my time away from the blog. I am back now and ready to get this party started again. I have a renewed sense of energy and passion for books and the authors that write them. Sometimes a bit of time away is a great reminder of why you love to do certain things.

Now… for the two authors who I am dying to get my hands on new releases from (ha, I know one of you is reading this)… I will patiently be waiting and don’t be surprised if you are one of my upcoming author spotlights!

Oh and I am sure if you are author stalking, you will see one or two of these popping up… this is my new hobby and business! This is just the beginning of the fun that will be happening there!

every rose ahren flower


What did you all do for your vacations? What books did you read? Where did you go?

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