Must Reads

Sorry… we are revamping the website… but all of these great books will be back soon!

23 responses to “Must Reads

  1. All of the books on your list I’ve either read or are on my TBR list. 🙂 Thanks for the great recommendations!

  2. Finally a site that post about the books I like to read or have read and really enjoyed. Thank you!

  3. Michelle Osborne

    I can’t believe The Mighty Storm not on the lust !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I just finished the Avoiding series. AMAZING!!!

    and I really like the Crossfire series too. I think I may just make this list my new TBR, so many things I want to read!

  5. Awesome booklist, can’t wait to read them!

  6. I have a recommendation for a must read…The Remembrance Trilogy by Kahlen Aymes. The Future of Our Past and Don’t Forget to Remember Me. Amazing love story.

  7. You and I have exactly the same must reads. I am so excited that I’ve found someone that recommends books I know I will love because I have loved all the other books you’ve recommended. You are officially my favorite book blogger.

  8. I have some recommendations for some must reads… Knight and Play by Kitty French. Also, The Siren, The Angel and The Prince by Tiffany Reisz. And Consequenses and Truth by Aletha Romig. Just a few.

    • Thank you, Chris! We’ll have to check them out. Our Must Reads/Recommendations page is where we personally recommend something, so we won’t actually include it on the list until we’ve read it ourselves. But we always appreciate the recommendations. Thank you! ❤

  9. Has anybody read Release Me?

  10. Yes, Loved it!! I’m pretty sure the second book (Claim Me) comes out 4-23.

  11. Thanks! I guess that’s two more books to get.

  12. This is by far the BEST website…I think after the explosion of 50 shades of grey, we all wanted more and craved more. Thank you for helping all of us women fulfill our fantasies 😉

  13. Have you read Real by Katy Evans yet? Great book can’t wait for book #2 Have enjoyed reading many from your list! Thanks

  14. Love ur site!!!! Thx for the book list i read most of them but still found some i never heard of!!! Thxxxxx

  15. Love your list! Many I have read or on my TBR list. Love when I find bloggers that love the stories I love!

  16. What happened to the coming soon section?

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