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We are constantly re-writing the stories of our lives. But something you should know, with each book I read, I am constantly changing my top ten list. There is always something out there that will spark something deep down and not let go. When this blog was started, I thought this would be something fun to keep me going in my down time. But as time moves on, I have discovered, this is something I am really passionate about.

By day, I am the Business Manager for a group of radio stations in Denver, Colorado. I have an amazing husband and two quirky but fabulous dogs I like to call my little ballparks, Wrigley and Fenway. It’s not hard to guess in our house that we are huge football fans right? Actually, we are really big football fans. The husband and his father are season ticket holders for the Air Force Academy and I live and breath football season by when the Denver Broncos are on tv. When football doesn’t consume our time, in additional to reading, I love to scrapbook, bake, sew and recently started a new business creating fabulous items for authors to use for promotions and giveaways… But because I have that full time gig getting in my way all the time, I am so thankful for my indie authors and big published authors in my down time.

It started out as a hobby and one day when I can figure out how to make it pay the bills, you can bet this reading habit is going to take off and go somewhere… until then, you will get review after review and my favorite book list will continue to grow and grow. I never get tired of finding a new favorite book!
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5 responses to “Who I Am

  1. Love you gals! I lurve finding more girls who hated reading before 50 shades and then became just as addicted as I am after that series!!

  2. I used to only read before bed. But after 50 shades I am reading atleast 3 books a week, nothing else matters. If only jobs, husbands and children didn’t get in the way. 🙂

  3. I never enjoyed reading. Reading was painful to me. My daughter finally talked me into reading the Twilight series and I loved it. But after that, nothing else. Then I read 50 and i was hooked. My boss teases me all the time about my reading habits. I’ve read 68 books since November 1. I even took my Kindle to a ghost hunt! My boss tells me that there should be a 10 step program for me. Haha. I’m glad I found your site.

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